Seaside Sunday

All photography by the very talented Michael Hughes

Jumper by Asos // Skirt by Cue Clothing // Jewellery by Sistaco // Eyewear by Karen Walker

Last weekend I had a very nervous Sunday morning watching my boyfriend jump out of a plane over the beach (he survived). The one thing I love about the beach is no matter how much you have going on, or how stressed you are when you get there all worries seem to vanish. Only enjoying the great beach weather for a couple of hours meant it was a struggle to go home into my cave of assignments. As for the outfit, I am not really a girl who has a lot of pink clothing, but this jumper changed my mind completely. As much as I love black, this outfit instantly gets me out of a downer mood and this skirt screams "twirl girl, twirl!!". So I did. 

jasmine x