Black Cloud

All photographs taken by the very talented Michael Hughes

This outfit is dedicated to probably my most worn piece of clothing in my wardrobe - this cue skirt. 
I bought it years ago when I was first introduced to Cue and have pretty much worn it once a fortnight since. This skirt has the volume I love, the pockets I love more and is in my opinion the perfect twist on a classic bubble skirt. Since I bought it over 2 years ago, I have never seen anything like it and it is still today getting compliments. 

When I first bought it, I pigeonholed it as a "work" skirt in my mind as it is the must-wear black and has pockets large enough to fit a small child / all my junk. I decided this weekend though that it was time to bust it out for a day trip and let it see the world outside the women's lingerie department. Aiming to change its status from "work skirt" to "everyday fabulous skirt" in my mind, I paired it back with a staple navy striped tee and some sandals. 

Ps. Sorry for the long post, but the skirt deserved it. 

jasmine x