Designer Spotlight: Karen Walker

After waking up every morning to a long feed of images from New York Fashion Week, one outfit that got me screen capturing immediately was the pink floral, matching scarf and beanie combo from Karen Walker. This outfit makes me want to pack away all bikinis into storage and put the air con on -5 degrees and pretend it is winter just so I can wear it without overheating. I can not get enough of her "New Rose" collection, the play of hard and soft with floaty floral and oversized coats is my winter fashion dream. 

With my second pair of Karen Walker sunglasses in the mail theres no hiding my obsession with this lady goes past just her clothing collections. Recently Karen Walker teamed up with Ari Seth Cohen to shoot Joyce, Linda, Lynn and Ilona for her new Forever campaign. I think this eyewear campaign is one of my favourites yet, and I can only hope to be even half as fabulous as these ladies in my old age.

jasmine x