June Journal



Last month we ended with getting ready for my brothers wedding and on June 1 it happened & it was magical. This month was a month of such personal highs for my family and I am truly so happy and grateful for those close to me. I got to eat Botanica for 3 days straight post shoot. Going to the Bolshoi Ballet for the first time was so beautiful and such an inspiring experience. I was able to work with Tourism & Events Queensland on a content project which I am super excited by. Working with tourism from my own home town has always been something I wanted to so I was so proud of the opportunity. I did my first IGTV - even though I had to re-upload 3 times due to my perfectionism I think I did okay. I found the perfect low storage for behind our couch - stay tuned on Instagram to see it when it arrives in July. My invoices were paid prior to June 30. I also reconciled my business bank account prior to June 30 - wildly productive move. I launched my latest print collection this month and I am so happy with how it was received. See the full collection here.


As I said this month had such amazing family highs but it wouldn’t be fair to not be transparent enough to say that I also went through some pretty strong disappointment and anger in my personal life. That kind of trumped all other trivial lows for the month so I will cut this short.


Newly Added Podcasts

Some easy listening financial podcasts are Frugal Forever, The Money (ABC) & She’s On The Money. I have also just subscribed to Approachable, Ladies We Need To Talk & Love Etc.

New Financial Year Moves

I am starting this next financial year getting my financial butt into gear. I would say I am pretty good when it comes to my finances but I want to take it up to another level. In the first week of July I have planned to do the following: Pay my BAS for the last quarter, organise XERO for my tax return, check my business accounts to see how much a saved for taxes vs. how much I actually need to pay (save the rest), work out my yearly business expenses like website, email, accounting, editing software etc, talk to someone about increasing my savings, look into both term deposits and higher interest accounts with different banks, consolidate super and set up direct deposits for chosen one. If you are keen to hear more financial chat on the blog - let me know.

I have a question for you…

What do you want to see more of in the second half of the year? Let me know for instagram, video or blog content!

with love, Jasmine x