Less is more beauty favourites


I am forever on the hunt for those make up products that you can pop on quickly to enhance your natural skin (and beauty!). Lately a few things have popped up in this arena that I have tested and I feel are worth talking about. So if your approach to make up is ‘less is more’ you might want to add these to your to try list.

First things first, SPF.

I will admit sunscreen and my face have not got along in the past but I have been determined this year to change that and find the right one for me. I bought the La Roche Posay Anti-Shine Dry Touch 50+ (shop here) a few months ago and never looked back. It pumps out like any other sunscreen but dries down really quickly on the face. There is also a tinted version if that is more your jam. I would recommend putting this on, and waiting 5-10 minutes though as I have found it can pill if you apply other moisturisers or foundations soon after.

Tinted Facial Oil.

The Kosas Tinted Facial Oil (shop here) a product that I was gifted & took a couple of applications to see if I liked it or not. Turns out, I love it. Does is feel like oil? No. Does is stay oily on my skin? No. How does it compare coverage wise to tinted moisturisers? I would find that it has more coverage than something like the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue and is buildable. However, I find the application works best after I have let my moisturiser & SPF sink in for a little while then applied it with my fingers (yes, fingers!). There are a few people I wouldn’t recommend this for; those who love to do a lot of skincare & primers prior to foundation & those with oily skin. I think this product is great for someone who really wants a simple base application.


Creams Creams Creams!

I am a broken record when it comes to cream face products, I just cannot get enough. I have been trying out some Lilah.b products (shop here) that I was gifted a month ago and the Lip & Cheek duo & their Glisten & Glow Illuminator are the stand outs for me. The Illuminator is a cream in the pot but feels almost like a soft powder when you apply it so it doesn’t leave that tacky feeling like some other creams. The Lip & Cheek duo is always a winner in my books as someone who rarely will bother with a lipstick. They have a great colour range and are small enough to pop into your purse. I also can’t ignore the packaging of these products, they are heavy, luxurious and unique - it’s a 12/10 from me.

Give me feathery brows.

I was in Mecca last year and one of the girls I was talking to said that the Surrat Brow Pomade (shop here) was the best and even though they were out of stock, she didn’t feel right selling me another gel. That sold me so I later ordered it online. I don’t think it is the gel itself that you need to write home about, it is the brush. It is like a thin toothbrush for your brows and I feel like that makes all the difference if you like that really feathery brow look.

If you have any less is more makeup products you swear by, please leave them below. Jasmine x

This post is not sponsored however some of the products mentioned have been gifted to me. All opinions are my own.