September Journal



I am only going to touch on this slightly because I did a whole blog post on it but Canberra was definitely a huge high from this month. If you want to read about our 48 trip you can do so here. We also went to see the latest exhibitions at GOMA. Margaret Olley is my new goal. A huge month of releases for Studio Jasmine… I realised my latest photo book full of all of my unseen images of flowers by the beach, the first run sold out in less than 24 hours but you can get your hands on the latest and final print run here. I also released by Zodiac phone case collection with The Dairy! I recently sent my Cut Out Catalogue to the printer, so keep an eye out for mini prints soon. After visiting Canberra I also took 2 days off to visit a local flower carnival with my mum and nanny, it was a full on few days but can’t complain when it meant being around flowers 24/7. My nanny and I both had lady birds land on us. I took a bunch of disposable cameras to play with while we were away and one of the results gave me an idea for a personal project. I also need to find a film camera so that I am not buying disposables every other week. I found out my brother & sister in law have a puppy coming early October which has me super pumped. It is now spring which means all my plants are growing new leaves. The poppies this month were insanely beautiful.


A five hour flight delay because the airline put another flight on our plane. A possum ate lots of new leaves on my plants on the deck. The fact that disposable cameras are now so popular mean I have to hunt them down after they sell out at all of my local spots. I felt like I had to turn off DMs for a while on Instagram Stories, I definitely stayed off socials for a few days but I also missed what I love most about sharing. Moving forward I am actively choosing not to engage with those types of messages. Remembering that if people choose to think the worst of me that says more about them than me.


Saving to Spend Failed

I don’t know what to say, I had a bit of a blow out with the whole ‘saving to spend’ situation. I think because I went away half way through the month it meant I kind of got a bit loose with my spending. I bought little trinkets while we were in Canberra, I impulse bought a white version of a black dress I bought last month. I bought a Everlane pink corduroy chore jacket which I love but probably wasn’t necessary considering it is now 33 degrees. I am a little bummed because it felt slightly out of control but I have zero purchase regrets. As much as it was an impulse, this Bec & Bridge dress already is sitting at a cost per wear of about $50 and I have only had it two weeks. In October I need to slow it down. I definitely don’t need any more clothes. Ps. If you ever want to know what I have recently bought/lusting over you can check it out on The Edit page.

Goals for October

Holy shit, how am I writing about October already?! Let’s aim to get through October without having a breakdown about how much we need to get done prior to Christmas shall we? In all seriousness I have lots of Studio Jasmine things to get to the printer by the end of October. I need to work out products for Christmas & the start of 2020 and plan launches. I really want to get back into some personal creative projects to make sure that the stress doesn’t absorb me. I want to get a book so that I can start reading before bed again. I am thinking Three Women so if anyone has read it please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

With Love, Jasmine x