Overall, July was an really good month. One of the highlights was definitely celebrating Michael's 30th Birthday. We went to one of our favourite places Mrs Browns with a bunch of his friends and I enjoyed a lot of rose! (I even met a few of you there). He also had some time off towards the end of the month which meant I took some days off and we headed up to the Sunshine Coast for a little break. I have been going to the Sunshine Coast nearly every holiday since I was born as well as some weekends when my dad lived at Coolum so going back up there always makes me feel at home. Flowerlovers got in a whole selection of dried flowers which I went crazy for. His & Hers Japan sold out within hours and then pre-orders flooded in which we are both so blown away and grateful for. August was also my first month working with Country Road Home, a brand I have been wanting to work with for ages now. One of my artworks also got on the cover of Real Living's august issue. My Nespresso order arrived just as I ran out. The Question Feature came out on Stories and made life a touch easier. 

Multi_gingham Cap-2.JPG


To be honest, I didn't do a lot of shopping this month due to Michael's Birthday and being away for 5 days (I spent a lot on food though) 
- Georgia Perry Earrings (shop here)
- Avenue Gingham Cap (shop here)
- Lee Matthews Skirt (shop here)


The Teacher's Pet - Podcast
Mallrat - In The Sky Album


There was huge delays with my hard drive being delivered so I ended up cancelling my order so my storage problem is still not fixed. We also are looking to move from our lease early September and so far the hunt for a new place has been really draining. Working from home means my home brings me stability and with that being in limbo and up in the air I feel under pressure and quite anxious about it. Also this month something weird happened with my contraceptive pill where I had asked my doctor to change my pill 6 months ago only to find out from a new doctor that they just gave me the same pill ingredients under a different brand. Also had rude and mean DM's for the first time in a while after increasing how much I post.  



I don't know if I learnt this but it's definitely I have been working on this month but to try to feel proud of myself and my work. So often I don't take a second to even feel good about the work or opportunities that I am getting or once I have them, I am onto the next thing or scared to acknowledge it incase it is taken away or doesn't happen like I thought it was. 


My goal for this month is to not break down, no, but seriously I really want to aim to let shit be this month. I already know that it is going to be uncomfortable and busy due to not only my birthday (Aug 17) but my brothers and trying to find somewhere to move and possibly moving. I don't want to keep getting myself worked up over "perfect" houses that go before I even get to inspect them, the fear that nothing will come up, the anxiety around the time I will spend inspecting, looking, moving and not working. Hopefully by this time next month, all will be okay and restored to somewhat routine. I do believe that the universe will give me the right place at the right time and if not then maybe we shouldn't be moving. I just need to trust in that. 

How was your July and how are you looking moving into August?

jasmine x