Time to get slightly more personal over on the blog. For years I have documented outfits, travel and also given lots of advice and spoken my mind on many different topics but one thing I felt was lacking lately was blogging in its purest form - journaling. So from now on I want to post one journal monthly that goes into my month. The highs, the lows, the lessons and directions moving into next month. Hope you enjoy them. 


My new rubber ficus plant for sure makes the cut. New music from loads of different people also made my month with some of my favourites being; Ghost Town & Violent Crimes by Kanye West, Free by Kid Cudi, IUD & Can U Not by Okay Kaya. Saving a silk skirt after I spilt coffee all over it. The weather being cold enough to wear sweaters. Finally finding the perfect khaki linen cushions after searching for months (find here) Finally watching the Handmaids Tale. Spending the day with Michael at Mt Tamborine. Getting the perfect gingham jumpsuit tailored so it fits like a glove. Finding new inspiration by other photography shoot ideas failing. New leaves on my fiddle leaf plants. Started attempting to run again.

I had a huge month of projects finally being launched like some design work for NIKE Australia, Brisbane City marketing campaign and lots of branding work wrapping up (See more here). Having all clients pay on time (freelancers you will know this isn't always the case) This month I also begun discussion with a team to help me with my brand partnerships which is super exciting and different for me. 




Getting my wisdom teeth out was expensive and painful and I'm super glad I don't have to do it again. Having to get my finances in order for the end of financial year. Spilling coffee all over a silk skirt. I had an idea for a photography shoot and went and bought all of this stuff and it didn't work out like what I had imagined in my head*. The home we are renting selling to a developer that will tear it down for units. Not being able to work out how to take a good mirror outfit shot - give me your tips. Constantly being asked to quote on projects that have no brief or direction to quote on. Wisdom teeth meant I stopped running for a week and got off the bandwagon. My phone & external hard drive becoming full in the same week. 


* Don't get so caught up on the vision that you have in your head and let the process happen. Sometimes within the first 5 minutes of shooting I can become irritated that it doesn't look 'right' or what I had in my head. I have to remember that actually moving through the process with shooting (like any other creativity) it gets better with time, and if not it will still add to future shooting. Some of my favourite personal photos actually happen just before I pack up everything. 


Next month already shaping up to be full on. We have Michael's 30th so I will hopefully taking a week off to spend by the sea with him towards the end of July. I also really want to up my Instagram Story game. I feel like I story a lot but could definitely plan for some more interesting content on that front. Get back on running bandwagon. What are your goals for next month? j x