~ Rainy Charm (Available in A3 & A2)

~ Flower Market (Available in A3 & A2)

~ Rose Coloured Glasses (Available in A4 & A3)


This collection for me was all about my muses and what really influences my personal work. I am sure if you ask most artists what inspires them, florals and colour wouldn't be the most original or unique answers but to me it is how it influences my work and how to explore those topics differently that I have before. 

I love flowers but I hate most floral photography prints or books. They are always so perfectly lit and perfectly positioned, so foreign from their natural habitat. I like them slightly wet, slightly dying and slightly dirty. So let's chat through the three 'floral' artworks I have included in this collection... Flower Market is so special to me. It was our last full day in Paris and we decided to spend the day aimlessly wandering when we came across a flower market. No word of a lie, I started to cry. The combination of leaving Paris and stumbling across a flower market was super special to me. Rainy Charm to me is the epitome of my favourite way to shoot flowers. Wet and slightly decaying. She is imperfectly perfect. Then we have Poppy Palette, a mixed media print which really symbolises inspiration for me. My poppies were dying and dropping all their petals and I was so obsessed with how they looked, I had to photograph them. Months later I was looking at colour inspiration and came across those photographs to make a colour palette from. 


Then let's talk about the artworks which held colour as their muse. Orange Tree was not only an extension of the fruit prints released late last year but also influenced by the influx of orange and blush into my space. Sedimentary was really the influence of colour and nature on my work, the way that sedimentary rock is formed and the colours between the layers. Last but certainly not least was the Through Rose Coloured Glasses artwork. This print came about from other's comments about my 'theme' that I stick to. Before others mentioned it I guess I hadn't consciously thought about it. For me I think I just am inspired by colours and start being drawn to anything in that colour scheme. I start noticing buildings, signs, coffee cups.. anything really. At the moment you would say I definitely feel like I am wearing Rose Coloured Glasses. I take this print literally but theoretically it's nice too. 


~ Sedimentary (Available in A3 & A2)

~ Poppy Palette (Available in A3 & A2)

~ Orange Tree (Available in A4 & A3)   

I would love to know what your muses are below in the comment section as well as any favourites from the new collection. As always, these days are my most nerve-racking so your love and support never goes unnoticed.

jasmine x