So next up for the book shelf series is my non-fiction section. Working by myself all day everyday means I have a lot of time to think so these books are ones that help me unpack those thoughts. 

It would be great if we could start a conversation in the comments about books that you recommend so that the list gets longer than just mine. 

Better Than Before: Mastering The Habits of Our Everyday Lives, Gretchen Rubin

This a book all about habits, why we try make them, why they fail and different methods to keep your habits in check. I found this book rather interesting but I thought there was a bit too much in there about restrictive diets that turned me off a little. Worth the read either way. 

The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work
& Status AnXIety, Alain De Botton

Alain De Botton is a philosopher (and one of the creators of School of Life). I find his books really interesting while still being quite an easy read. My favourite so far has got to be Status Anxiety, I think this topic is possibly even more relevant today than it was when the book was written. It's definitely one to get you thinking. 

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck
Sarah Knight

I bought this before a plane ride nearly two years ago and I think I was done within 3 days which is very unlike me. Since then I have passed it along to both my mum and my aunty to read. It helped identify that in some areas I am really good at not giving a fuck but highlighted for me where I probably care too much. 

40 Days of Dating: An Experiment, Jessica Walsh & Timothy Goodman

This is a book that I read years ago but really enjoyed it. Two graphic designers decide to date each other and diary about it from each of their points of views. It is a nosey person's dream. 

POPULAR, Mitch prinstein

I bought this book last weekend and am currently sitting half way through. Especially being someone who has to take social media somewhat seriously for business I think it is pretty important to stay on top of my thoughts around status and popularity. It is a dark hole that I think if you're not careful you can get sucked into so of late these topics have been super interesting to me. So far the book has discussed the types of popularity, where popularity affects us in adulthood and the problems with popularity. I am finding it interesting so far so I would recommend.

Self Knowledge, The School of Life

If you are interested in philosophy but want it in a modern format - the school of life is for you. They have lots of little books that are super easy to read and useful to get you thinking. 

Little Black Book: A toolkit of working women, Otegha Uqabga

If you are new at working for yourself I would definitely recommend this book. If you have already worked for yourself for a few years you may not find this as useful but it has some great tips if you're just starting out. 

You are as circle: A Visual Meditation for the Creative Mind, Guillaume Wolf

This is not really a sit-down-and-read type of book, it is more something to look through when you have 5 minutes. If you like little poems to flick through you might enjoy this book. 

Notes to Myself, Hugh Prather

I honestly love this tiny old, broken book. We were at a book fair last year going through 1000s of books and I saw a book's subheading read 'My Struggle To Become a Person' - I instantly chuckled to myself and picked it up. They are just notes that Prather had written to himself. This is one of my favourites:

" After I had written this book I told several friends. Their response was polite and mild. Later I was able to tell them the book was published. Almost to a man they used the words " I am proud of you." Proud of the results but not of the action.

Everyone but me looks back on my behaviour in judgement. They can only see my acts coupled with their results. But I act now. and I cannot know the results." 

Big Magic Creative Living Beyond Fear,
Elizabeth Gilbert

I am obsessed with Elizabeth Gilbert, I have watched nearly every talk she has done that is available online so of course I loved the book. If you have watched everything she has spoken about this book is really just a cemented version of that so it might not be a must-read. It is definitely a great book though if you struggle with your own creativity. 

You Do You, Sarah Knight

To be honest I only just bought this book but I will update this blog post once I have read it. 



Have you read any of the above?

jasmine x