September Journal


I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t put this off until mid October to write so here it goes, my September Journal..


First of all, I really wanted to pick up where I left off in August’s Journal. My creative collaboration with Love Stories Australia was launched earlier in the month and I honestly couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Collaborations can be tricky at the best of times let alone with a international brand but this was probably the smoothest collaboration I have had yet. From our first meeting to the end result their openness, creativity and trust they gave me was something that I will always be grateful for. And I couldn’t be more proud of the imagery & lettering that is currently in their Bondi & James St Stores. It was worth all of the self doubt. On the note of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I also shot a photography project for my next print collection. I wasn’t sure how it would work out and we were up against it with the weather but I couldn’t have been happier that we did it. Shout out to Michael for working with me on this and being the structure I needed to get it done between storm clouds. My friend Jade & I went to Montrachet Boulangerie, a French patisserie in Brisbane and ate more than our weight in pastries - no regrets. Kelly Thompson had our creative chats at Creative Hub in Melbourne this month and even though it was a quick trip it definitely was a high this month to meet and get to chat to those that came along. I got colour put in my hair for the first time in 12 years by Mia from The Mia Collective and don’t hate it even the slightest. Those who have been reading my journals will be excited to know I also picked up my new hard drive finally (more on that in New In). I got my tax return done for last financial year (yay me!).




A few new tech pieces this month. After 4 months I finally picked up my new external hard drive storage system. It was really time to invest in a much better set up so I went for the G-Tech G-Raid Thunderbolt3 16TB. I chose this one because it includes two hard drives where one automatically backs up to the other. They are also removable and replaceable once full and look a lot nicer than most which is a bonus. My second bit of new tech would have to be my new iPhone. My contract was up on my 7 so I upgraded to the XS model. So far so good but the front facing camera does do some weird things with light sometimes. For example my hair looks a lot lighter in the front face camera vs the back? weird.


I am including this segment this month because it has been a huge month for Podcasts. My podcast came out with Jaharn from Your Creative Start talking frankly about money. I also have been really loving podcast’s out of the UK. Firstly an old favourite The High Low and secondly The Fringe of It. Both a mix of less serious & more serious chats all in one episode. Couldn’t recommend more. Then two Australian women released podcasts this month which are both amazing. Gemma Watts released her no-bullshit beauty podcast called Glow Journal and Alison Rice released Offline The Podcast which talks to online profile women about their true selves offline.


I found this dress I really want on eBay for half the price but the seller doesn’t have a measuring tape to see if it will fit me so I have to let it go. Random question: do you own a measuring tape? I have always had one but I don’t know if I am an anomaly here. I burnt myself abnormally often this month. I don’t know why but I currently have burn scars on most fingers. Missed out on a house that would have been pretty lovely. Celine. When everyone was up in arms over the logo changed, as much as I didn’t love the change I really didn’t see it as a huge deal but that show left me annoyed. Firstly, the casting was wrong, secondly the woman presented is not something I would ever aspire to be but more importantly I felt it completely disregarded and disrespect the Phoebe Philo Celine customer.


As much as you like to take care of everything yourself and be in control you probably need some help this time around. Learning that saying ‘I just need to get through the next two weeks’ every month probably isn’t sustainable.


I picked up How Do You Like Me Now? by Holly Bourne mid way through the month when I needed something to stop me from working/sitting online. I finished it within 24 Hours. It was something that I feel like so many women in their 20s/30s would really relate to this book and hit home.


I want to be able to release the latest artwork collection & have the His & Hers Italy print ready before the end of the month. They are my two work priorities this month as I slow down on client work heading into Christmas. Get away to the beach.


How was your month? Are you as terrified as I am that we are already in October?! Although I did get super excited to see Christmas decorations in store today.

jasmine x