FEMME: Part Two Release


Just like in the first release of Femme, I was back playing with Femme for part Two. As Michael and I plan our next adventure to Japan and look through our images of Paris for an exciting project (launching next week) I took reference from the peace sign used in tourist images. There was no stopping me from that point. Playing around with fingers and hands to make different gestures. Frame it for a perfect addition to your home or office or even pin the A4 size to your mood board. Sold separately & in a set of three


I couldn't help myself after we sold out of Fleur No.2 and Poppies were in my local flower market. I just had to bring some home, snap them and create new mixed media prints with them. In this release I have experimented further with shadow, bringing paper into the mix as well adding more type. I was inspired by the mood boards that I create to keep me inspired. We have Fleur No.3 which is slightly darker where as Fleur No.4 aims to really brighten up your space. 


The perfect little A4 Reminder for your bedside table or desk. 

Because you all begged for it. I delivered.