© Jasmine Dowling

© Jasmine Dowling

Now I should probably preface this saying that I actually am one of the lucky few who doesn't hate Mondays. Mondays are actually one of my favourite days of the week. But nevertheless as someone who grew up moving between parents on a Sunday Night, I get the Sunday hump. So there are a few things I like to do on a Sunday to get over this and get ready for the week ahead so Monday doesn't feel so bad.


For me, my favourite thing that I have been doing on Sunday (or sometimes Saturday) is fitting in a few hours to sit in the sunroom and go through old magazines while listening to music and drinking coffees. Doing it on the weekend means I don't have the pressure to "find inspiration" that I would feel sometimes if I did it on a week day. Your thing could be taking a bath, or going to a park or a drive. 


Just quickly check the damage you did over the weekend and make sure you're on budget for the next week. No need to dwell on it but it is easier to check it now before it keeps you up at night.


For me this means cleaning up the chaos which was the week prior. Looking to my right at the moment I have little torn pieces of paper, paper piles with dirty paint brushes on top and scattered memory cards. I am not a minimalist. Nothing will feel better than when I come in tomorrow and it is all clean ready for me to make a mess again. This might be you with your laundry or your work clothes that are still on your 'clothes chair' (we all have them). 


You guys know I am a face mask junkie so that is my pampering of choice. Without fail, this is something I will do every Sunday Night.

Currently using: This one, This one & This one


Last but not least, you can't forget a little indulgence. Mine at the moment is binge watching Terrace House. What's yours?

Let me know your rituals in the comments, what gets you ready for a manic Monday?

jasmine x