When the most recent collaboration from Max & Co and Swarovski landed on my doorstep I was instantly inspired. Not only to wear these crystal critters with all my basics but to also have some fun & create imagery. 

There are the obvious beetles and butterfly inspired pieces but also the not-so-obvious like the crystal droplet pieces. They remind me of the condensation on a crisp morning in the garden, reflecting the light. 


Bracelet with Butterfly Charm



Instantly I was drawn to blooms for creating
these images, because when am I not needing another excuse to buy flowers?

I was also inspired by the moment when the light hits each of the Swarovski crystals in these pieces. I knew it was time to put away the diffuser and play with the light & shadows when shooting the orchids wearing each piece. 

Butterfly Earrings



jasmine x


This post was created in collaboration with Max & Co.