The Christmas tree is up, we have put fairy lights around the banisters and I am officially in the festive mood. I wanted to spread my love for Christmas by not only showing you how I will be wrapping my gifts this year and my table setting theme for Christmas with my girlfriends but more importantly spreading the love for my favourite local creators. 

I have teamed up with Etsy Australia to show you how you can support small Australian business this year. Not only are you able to give your loved one (or yourself) a unique gift but you also make someone's December (if not year) with your orders. 



Personally I like to have a little fun with my table settings. Just because it is Christmas it doesn't mean you have to stick to the typical Red & Green or White & Gold colour scheme. 

I knew I wanted to use a few of my pink pieces in my cupboard while still bringing a hint of Christmas in without it being too obvious. So I found this striped linen fabric on Etsy which was perfect. It is a slightly muted red and the stripe brought in a pattern to break up the other colour.

Drinks allowed me to add more colour to really bring the table to life. A hint of greenery with some Rosemary (you could also tie some rosemary into the DIY bonbons) then a hint of orange by adding passionfruit in a bowl and orange slice to the drinks. The orange also tied in perfectly with the gold cutlery (shop similar here). 



Why have a napkin, a present and a bon bon with a terrible joke inside when you can combine them all?! This is the perfect way to give each of your guests a little something special, while giving them a napkin while taking your table setting to the next level. 



- Toilet Rolls or make a cylinder from card
- Table Napkins or Fabric of your choice
- Confetti/Glitter/Sequins Filler (optional)
- String/Twine/Ribbon
- Scissors


- If you are using fabric, cut it to approximately 30 x 30 cm. 


Simply place your gift inside the toilet roll then roll the fabric around it.

No need to secure the napkin/fabric to the roll, the end ties will hold it all in place.


Secure one end by tying a knot where the roll inside finishes.

Fill the bon bon with confetti of choice then secure the opposite end. 


Hope this post not only inspired your Christmas table setting but also inspired you to shop local this Christmas & find something truly unique for your loved ones.

Jasmine x

This post was created in collaboration With Etsy Australia.