Copyright Jasmine Dowling

Copyright Jasmine Dowling

As a lot of you may have seen on my Instagram Stories / Snapchat, for the last month or so I have been creating like crazy on top of client work to put together another print collection. As I am currently finalising all the imagery for the collection and getting ready to launch it on the store in the next week, I thought I would share the process with you all.

For me, it was the obvious choice to do something inspired by our Europe trip back in April/May. But it was a matter of discovering how I wanted to do that. I didn't want it to be obvious, or cliche. I wanted to refocus myself for what I wanted out of the collection. That's when I thought about the word 'Exploration'. Not only is it super fitting when being inspired by travel but it was also very fitting for how I wanted to treat this collection. It was going to be a collection where I allowed myself to explore new mediums, new techniques without confining myself to a certain style.

I was asked recently if I am worried that because there are so many other typographers now doing very similar brush work, if I would lose what is feel is 'me'. That night I had a dream where I was having a conversation with a teacher regarding an assignment, where I felt I couldn't do what I usually do because then all of the class would have the same assignment. But I also felt so attached to what I loved to do, that if I didn't do that, would that not be me? Before going back into the classroom I remember coming to realisation that it isn't a certain medium that is 'me'. Whatever I do will be intrinsically me, so I should explore whatever I want to with the confidence that if I really love it. Someone else might to. This may seem like an off-topic dream rant. But that morning I woke up with a lot of focus and confidence to start. 

So I looked through my collages that I did for the blog, especially Paris & Rome. I read through all the notes and sketches I took while travelling, feelings I wanted to remember, colour schemes that reminded me of certain places. I ran with that. Exploring ink, paint, different surface techniques, scanning, layering. I looked at cliches then pushed them until they felt like me. 

It resulted in a collection that is for both the person that needs to bring colour into their space as well as the monochromatic lover. There are prints that range from A3 up to A1. 

Then there was an addition... A couple of weeks back I posted this to the gram and received such an amazing response that got me thinking. I might not be the one to create typical inspirational quote prints but how could I do this in my own way. I looked at my mood board and saw that I usually write little notes to myself in my notepads, tear them out and stick them there. So this is when the Notes To Self pack was born. I have created 8 x A6 Mini Prints that will be sold in a pack. Full of my favourite little notes to myself that you can either use for your own inspiration board, frame or write on the back as a note card to someone. 

I feel I have been writing a novel so I will keep the rest for the launch in the next week. Be the first to know by following my Instagram Stories/Feed. 

Have a beautiful week lovers,


Jasmine x