Shot by Michael Hughes

Wearing: Acne Leather Jacket / Kuwaii Slip Dress / Karen Walker Harvest / Nike 

Let's have a little talk about about why I didn't come back from Europe with a new wardrobe...This jacket is the reason (and I am totally cool with that) Now to get a little romantic on you for a second...I am back in New York circa late 2013 and this off-duty model type (prior to influencer-off-duty types) was coming up from the subway in this jacket in a red/white/black colour way. I saw the leather. I stared at the leather. And ever since that day I knew I would eventually make it mine. Now I'm not one to drop that sort of money on a red/white/black combo so the classic black was the obvious and more justifiable choice. 

Now we don't have a Acne Studios up in Queensland and it wasn't something I wanted to come in a box. So when we booked our trip last year I had it in my mind that I was going to purchase it in Paris. Then the stars aligned when Acne Studios was just around the corner from our apartment in Le Marais & it fit like a glove. It also worked out less expensive with getting some tax back at the airport. 

This jacket is my perfect leather jacket and probably my all time favourite piece I own. Michael brought up that he was surprised by my choice, that it seemed tougher with all the hardware and biker shape. I realised then, that that's why it's the perfect addition. Most of my clothes I would say are on the feminine side. A lot of slip dresses, a-line skirts, pleated skirts. It needs to always be balanced out with a tee, slouchy knit or in this case - a bad ass leather jacket. 

Anyway, I feel like this post is a love letter to my leather jacket that it will never read. But I thought it was important to introduce you to my new lover & describe how we met.

jasmine x