I really wanted to touch on a topic that has pretty much been on my mind constantly since watching this youtube video about my favourite creative - James Victore. 

Basically on a whole I want to be very honest about the 'success'. I get countless emails/comments/direct messages and one of the types of questions that pops up a lot is based around how I got successful or how I got client X or Y. These questions worry me. I worry that those looking through social media see something they view as 'success' without the process without the hard work, blood, sweat and tears. They focus too much on the outcome of success rather than everything leading up to it. They see that person or small business becoming 'successful', scroll through to see what they did then think 'oh this is my passion too now I will do the same for the same result' which I personally find dangerous. Sure you may gain followers or customers, but are you really exploring anything creative? no. Are you truly going to be happy from it? My guess is no. And plus you will then forever be playing catch up because you are trying out someone else's path not your own. I would much rather those who scroll through my feed to be inspired to take on their own creative adventures with the confidence than through following those passions, they will create something awesome for themselves. Rather than going she posts flowers, typography and fashion to get high fashion clients so I will do the same and I will become successful then I'll achieve happiness. Because I don't show it all, partly because let's be honest, it's not instagram worthy and secondly social media at the same time has made me quite guarded (another topic for another time probably)

When I started creating this work four years ago and putting it online I was in no way expecting professional 'success'. For all I knew I thought I might be able to earn enough extra to buy that item of clothing I was lusting over at the time but no way turning it into a full-time job. Things took off way faster than I was prepared for and it was smart decisions & quick actions that made it all possible. As I have written before, I had zero contacts. No one. I didn't send my work around or apply for design jobs. I just did the work. I focused on creating work that I was really passionate about and the clients responded to that. It was only last year that I even started to get these larger clients which was in my 3rd year of creating endlessly. To be honest at the start of some months I have no idea what is ahead of me and that can be a scary thing. It can make me anxious, it can make me question myself and what the hell I'm doing but then I hear Victore's voice just saying all you can do, is do the work. And do the work that I love is exactly what my attitude is. That work may not be everyone's cup of tea but it will make me happy & it will be meaningful. This is why you'll see me taking on photography projects documenting my flowers or just work with paint and colour. Because why the hell not? Is it for anyone? No. It's for me. 

I really hope this post didn't come off the wrong way. It's just something that has been on my mind for the last few months. All you can do, is do the work

jasmine x

ps. check out James Victore's youtube - you won't regret it