Shot & Styled by Myself

Amongst the craziness of this past month I am so happy to finally be able to release this mini print collection. As some of your may have heard through my other social media, I leave for Europe come April and won't be back home until mid May so since I wasn't able to produce a full collection I decided to create a mini collection that I have had in my mind for nearly a year now. A collection that combines my favourite things, lettering & dying flowers. 

Much to Michael's dislike I always keep flowers until they are rotten and scrolling back through my instagram to 2013 I realised this isn't a new habit. I refuse to say it is because of laziness, rather I like to document my flowers from when they bloom to when they die. I try to capture everything and once I look through my archives the beauty of some moments always surprises me. Even to my eye the flower may not of seemed special on July 5, 2015 but somehow I can't take my eyes off the moment captured on the camera. It is so unique in that moment. 

So naturally I chose my favourites (there are still so many) and created prints of them. This collection is based around the Claude Monet Quote ' I must have flowers, always & always ' Pretty much sums up my life. If I can't have them fresh or dead, I will have them printed. And now so can you. You may see I have printed a Full Bloom #2, this is Full Bloom #1 sassier sister. Way more chaotic, messy and explosive. Just the way I like it.

This collection will be shipped until March 30. Limited Numbers available.


Prints range from A3 ($55) - A2 ($75). 

This also may be the last time I ever shoot in this house so let's all cross our fingers for timber floor boards, white walls and light in our next home! I would love to know what you think of the collection so let me know below :)

jasmine x 

Ps. If you ever feel like you want to know the non-internet version of myself feel free to add me on snapchat.