Shot by Michael John Hughes

Cyclonic Blazer by Ellery (shop here)
Tee by The Fifth Label (shop here)
Denim By Country Road
Hat by Lack Of Color (shop here)
Loafers By Tony Bianco (on sale here)

I am not normally one for buying designer items for the fear that I will get post-purchase regret and I won't get the wear out of them. But this blazer by one of my all time favourite designers Ellery I just had to have it when I saw it go on sale. Still being much more pricey than I would normally spend on a piece I knew I had to find a way to make it mine. So here is how I justify the designer purchase...

1. Is it a wardrobe staple?

It's a blazer so yes. 

2. Is it a neutral colour?

Deep navy / Charcoal .. so yes. Don't be fooled by on-trend colours. 

3. Is the fabrication quality?

It is mostly wool so 100 % yes. There is nothing more annoying then looking at a designer item that you love that is way more than you would like to spend then finding out it is a polyester when you get home. 

4. Is there something about it that is truly unique?

Since Ellery brought out this a-line shape in blazers, I needed to make one mine. It is so flattering without being an over-the-top peplum. I can't get over the inverted box pleats at the sides of this blazer and to me that is something I haven't seen in any high street stores.

And lastly...

5. Have you bought many "investment pieces" lately?

Nope. As much as we all would like we can't just be clicking confirm on every high end shopping cart we create online. I like to think that I am a good saver and keep these investment purchases to a minimum so choose wisely. 

jasmine x