Incase you all need another reason to procrastinate.. I have listed my all time favourite youtube accounts for all situations. 

When you need a creative kick up the ....

James Victore

Besides his work being iconic and powerful, his weekly (every tuesday) burning questions videos will get you thinking and get you creating. 


When you want to hear about fashion beyond just pleats..

Show Studio

My favourite videos from them are definitely panel discussions and their head to heads. Not only discussing fashion but the issues surrounding fashion like fur, ethics and sustainable business models from fashion houses. This is always on in the background when I have hours of painting to do because the panels go for around 45 - 60 minutes each. Would definitely recommend!

When you just want to watch someone put on makeup for hours on end...

Beauty Life Michelle

We all have our favourite beauty youtubers but this girl would have to be my current favourite. She could be the third olsen twin but her down to earth, honest personality has won me over. 

Who are your favourites and why? I am always on the hunt for something new to play while I scribble x