How to spend 24 hours in Cabarita Beach

Earlier this week Michael and I took a 24hr trip down to Cabarita Beach. To be honest, before going I thought it would be quite the drive, only to be shocked when it was only 1.5 hrs from Brisbane. It may not be as hyped as Byron Bay but I think that is what is special about it. It feels like a small coastal town without being stuck in the past. This place has something special about it. So here is how you can have an amazing 24 hours in Cabarita Beach…


Where to eat.

Tucker. A very short drive from the beach is this gem of a cafe. We had breakfast there during our stay and it was something to write home about. They also have a lunch menu which you should definitely check out if you’re staying for 48.

Paper Daisy. Located at the very beautiful Halcyon House I would suggest you knock out two birds with one stone by taking some snaps & checking out their bar menu.

Taverna. This was on my must-eat-at list but unfortunately we went on a Tuesday and it’s only open from Thursday so take note. Maybe it will be my excuse to travel back just for a greek feast.

The Stunned Mullet. Because you can’t go to the beach without Fish & Chips. This place also has really great vegetarian options!


Where We stayed.

We stayed at an Airbnb during our stay called Grounds of Cabarita. Honestly, what a dream. It is probably about 5 minutes walk from the beach however if you come during cyclone warnings like us you really don’t need to leave the house. Not only does the design of this home make you want to have your camera on you, but it is so inviting and makes you want to enjoy it for all that it is worth. With a pool, fire pit, huge outdoor entertaining and a sparkling water tap (yes, that is correct) it is honestly a dream to stay in. I am already thinking about when I can go back next with family or friends (it has 3 bedrooms!).

You can find it on AirBnb here or on Instagram at @groundsofcabarita.


What to do.

Personally, I don’t know if you need a list of things to do for only 24 hours but here are some suggestions anyway. Eat, always top of the priority list. Go in the ocean or at the very least go to The Cabarita Beach Look out. If you are staying at the Grounds of Cabarita, enjoy it. Go in the pool, lounge next to it with a book or a podcast, talk to the chickens, make the mistake of making yourself sick by swinging around in the hanging chair like me & try relax. If you have trouble relaxing on your own accord, head to Halcyon House for a spa treatment. If you realise once you’re down here that you left you bikini at home, check out Nikkou Store, Casuarina. Their curation of clothing, swim & accessories give city boutiques a run for their money!

I would love to know if you enjoy these more local travel posts, they may not be Paris or Japan but I think sometimes we forget how truly lucky we are locally and I would love to share that more with you.

Let me know your thoughts,

Jasmine x

January Journal


The Highs

This year started off with a real job high for me. Late last year The Calile Hotel opened up in Brisbane, straight away I knew I had to shoot there. At the time I brainstormed some brands that I thought would be a great fit and The Daily Edited was one of them. Fast forward to mid January and it was actually happening. With work like that all the time I don’t think I would need a holiday. As exhausting and as full on as it was, it was honestly the most fun. I had Michael there working with me on the shoot over 2 days and there was at least 5 times where I looked at him and just said how is this my life? Onto other more frivolous highs but not to be discounted… I finally got my hands on a Lucy Folk towel that sold out last year and came back in stock. We got back into our afternoon walks despite the heat being less than desirable. I put up my disco ball by my window and it tells me when to finish my work day with a little light display in the afternoon. I kept my new magnolia & lemon tree alive.


new in tech

I almost forgot, I bought a new lens this month! I went into the camera store to buy a new reflector and then started being tempted by lenses. I am not that much of an impulse spender so I left the store and Michael & I spent the afternoon and into the night researching lenses. I already had a 23mm fixed which is a great allrounder lens for me. It suited what I’ve been shooting perfectly but I also wanted to experiment more. For the variation I ended up going with the 16-55mm lens. It is large and in charge in comparison to my 23mm but I love it. I first shot with it for TDE x The Calile project and I had so much fun playing with it. I love that I can go wide with it at 16mm which is a view I have never played with before. No buyers remorse here.

New In Review

A whole month with no spending on new clothes, however I still have been treating myself with little bits & pieces.

Lucy Folk. This designer can do no wrong. I may have a problem as this month I bought both a towel, hair tie & was gifted a necklace (by Shopbop). The towel I had on my wish list since November so it was in my cart as soon as it came back into stock. The hair tie was a little splurge considering it just ties up my hair. I normally don’t enjoy wearing my hair up and it’s normally something that makes me feel like I am not putting effort in. So the woven gold snake detail really makes putting my hair up feel a lot nicer. Lastly was the necklace. I have been on the hunt for a solid gold pendant necklace for around 2 months now and I finally found the perfect one. I saved up my Shopbop vouchers & took the plunge. It has a little lion on the pendant which coming from a Leo, I love.


The Lows

I came back from the coast and my most problematic fiddle leaf was doing what it does - being problematic. Whenever I leave the house for more than a couple of days (it doesn’t matter if someone comes to water it) it sheds all its leaves. Separation anxiety. So that’s sad. I started to feel uninspired by my branding and was almost confused by it. It started to bring up some self doubt as to where I am & where am I going? I ended the night of Cash Conversation on such a high just to get into my DMs and come crashing back down. Really need to work out this DM situation. Please send tips & thoughts. Other than that this month was really pretty good.

Goals for February

Sort out my brand. Also try and change some of my phone habits. Try making it a rule that you’re not able to pick up your phone until you’ve had breakfast. Experiment with how I approach your Direct Messages on Instagram. For some reason at the moment it is taking its toll on me and I don’t want to shut them off completely but I have to try and find a way for it to work for me. Please leave any ideas you have in the comments! Make an excel spreadsheet for the purchases I want to make. I feel like I want to keep more track of my spending and how I am spending to make sure it is on the right things.

I hope you have all had a wonderful start to the year! Did you make any resolutions and by the end of January had you kept them? Jasmine x

New year, new logo, same me.

As you can probably tell by now, things are looking a little different around here. Starting a new year and the realisation that I have made it to the 5-year-working-for-myself-full-time milestone I wanted to reflect on my business. This is probably something I haven’t done enough as I pack my days with working on client work. I am always focused on that next thing so to spend the last two weeks, looking at how far I have come, how I have evolved, how my business has evolved has been so important to me. I wanted to take you through the changes because a) you have been a part of this journey & b) it’s the fun stuff.


Where it began

I quit my part-time job & started working for myself full time at the end of January 2014. At the time all I was doing was hand lettering custom prints and a print collection here & there.

I must have got over that original logo pretty fast and changed it up to some hand-lettering that I cleaned up into a vector logo. It still had the flow of the original but was definitely more legible. I have kept this logo until now.


why did I change my logo?

Long answer short, it no longer felt like ‘me’ or my business. It goes without saying but since 2015 I have grown and evolved personally as well as my business. I wanted to update my branding so that it could grow with me. Everything will be the same, it might just look a touch different. As much as I would love to go back to 2013 and not use my name as everything, my name is my brand as that is something I knew I had to keep when I started designing. My business is now more than just me as a person or my hand lettering. I spend my week doing everything and anything from Hand Lettering, Graphic Design & Branding, Photographing & Styling, brainstorming Creative Direction and Personal Content like Partnerships, Public Speaking & Blog Posts. But it is mostly still just me.

Studio Jasmine.

What did I set out to do with my new logo?

First priority was for it to represent all of the different areas of my business more than my current logo. Secondly I really wanted it to be timeless and a solid base to be able to build and add to. In its purest b&w form it needed to feel like me, and be able to be embellished along the way for different uses.


My logo will always be displayed in black or white however it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have some fun when it came to colour. It wouldn’t be me without some pink in the mix but also adding in some yellow, dark green & throwing in some blue & deep red along the way as well. A broad colour palette gives me room to play with all of the branding elements that I produce.

Shapes & Additional Elements

It was important that my branding included elements that enhanced the base logo. You’ll be seeing the waved circle around the place and I am excited to see where playing with that takes me.

I hope you guys love the new look and keep clicking on my new display picture
when it pops up on your socials. Thank you for being around for any part of the last 5 years, I
truly freaking love what I do.

jasmine x

Cash Conversation: My Notes


At the beginning of this month I spoke at Cash Full Stop’s Cash Conversation panel event in Brisbane with the amazing women, Karen Brading & Megan Morton. I was a little nervous heading into the event because I am only 26 and I thought what do I know? What could I contribute to the conversation?! However I love talking about money and I am super curious so I knew I was in for a good night. To give a little background first up, Cash Full Stop is a Financial Consultant business run by Chelsea Murphy & her husband, Karen Brading is a Private Banker (but I call her a Money Wizard because the word banker dulls her sparkle) & Megan Morton is a Stylist who runs her own business called The School.

I had no intention of writing about the night as I was there to answer questions but I left wishing I had a notepad so I could have written down notes. I was so curious that I would have happily sat up there for another hour just finding out more from these women. But either way I wanted to touch on a few of the things from the night that really stood out to me and that I want to adopt in my life.

Please note; I am only speaking through my experiences as a 26 year old. I am not a financial guru in any way shape or form.



This is something that Megan spoke about that really stood out to me. She spoke about women she met on her travels, dancing when one of their goods were bought. For her it’s going down to a particular cafe/restaurant after a professional/personal achievement. This is what I have really been lacking in my business (and personal life). No matter what job I get that I am so stoked about or what milestone I hit, I approach it in the worst way. I brush it off and focus onto the next thing. I put my previous work in a box and never look back. This is something I am wanting to change, now. It doesn’t need to be a big thing but since I am not a dancer I think it might be booking myself in a night at my new favourite hotel in Brisbane. Something physical that forces me to stop and take in the achievement. This may help these things sink in and feel like they are actually happening.


This again was something that Megan spoke about but definitely connects to my version of success. Deep pleasures are things that do exactly what they say - bring you deep pleasure. It is best if they can a mixture of things that be done without expense to you & things that cost you money. For example I find deep pleasures in; food, the ocean, being around flowers, going for drives, listening to music loudly, being with family, sunlight, my home & travel. As long as I have the freedom to do those things, I am pretty happy. If work is really stressing me out or making me not feel so great, I am able to drive to the flower markets and just walk around them and that alone will bring me pleasure. It helps to keep these things front of mind when it comes to your spending also because if you can look at your expenditure and see that none of your ‘non-essential’ spending is going to these deep pleasures than you are probably wasting your money. Notice going for drives is on my list, but not driving or cars, so for me to spend my money on a nice car does not fulfil any pleasure for me in the longer term.


This can be a personal one because I don’t know you personally or how you already do think & talk about money. This was something that Megan spoke about and her upbringing around money was different to mine (as all of ours are). It is about changing the negative narrative around money. That money is greedy or that money is hard to get, that only if you work hard will you get money, you only don’t get money if you’re lazy or one that I probably tell myself - money disappears quickly. That negative narrative has me constantly in fear that I will lose it. Not great. We all have those little negative money thoughts, it is just about realising ours so that we can re-frame them.


Something I realised over the last year is that money without materialising in some form or another is just a number. So ‘money’ itself isn’t really anything more than a number or data, so what is it to you? What does being in a ‘successful’ financial situation look like to you? As I mentioned above, to me it is freedom. It is the freedom to work for myself, it is the freedom to choose the jobs I want to do, it is the freedom to take a week off over Christmas to spend it with my family, it is the freedom to travel, the freedom to buy fresh flowers, the freedom to live in a house I really like & in a suburb that I enjoy. I would highly recommend you asking yourselves the same thing.


One of the biggest things I tell myself when it comes to money is ignorance is not bliss. Knowing & building a healthy relationship with your money is so so important and the younger you get into the habit of it the better. Know how your spending your money, try and understand your money habits, your weaknesses, how you're investing in your future etc. The more you can keep up that relationship with money the more confident you will become and the less sleepless nights you’ll have dreading it. Historically talking about money has been a bit crass, but I say more the better. Not to brag to drop how much you earn, or how much your house has gone up in value but to instead learn and grow from others experiences. I think is is especially important in partner relationships. To be on board your partners goals, or concerns around money will not only help your relationship but will also strengthen you financially.


Now I want to re-iterate, I am 26. I have no children, I am not married, I don’t own property. However growing up the way that I did, I know that it will always be essential that I have and control my own money. I know personally, solely relying on someone else financially is just not something I ever want to happen. Not because I don’t trust anyone, but money to me is freedom. Freedom to leave at any point, freedom to spend my money on whatever I please because it is my money or freedom to do the job that I want to do. I don’t want to ever be a position where someone else controls the finances because I feel like that controls me.

saving & investing doesn’t
get you praise.

It’s funny that some of the most performing content on social media is external expressions of wealth. Luxury cars, extravagant travels or luxury goods garner admiration and praise for being ‘successful’. Spending our money is the only way of externally showing our wealth. You can’t put up a photo of your savings account, or your investments. There comes a time where it can feel like everyone around you is doing better than you because they are spending their money on external things and the scary thing is most of the time they didn’t even have the money for those things. Try not to be discouraged or feel the pressure to buy shit just to prove that you’re doing okay. Instead go back up to Celebrating Wins and give yourself praise internally, then maybe we won’t feel the need for the praise externally. I feel like this is a topic I could write more about so let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts around it.

I wanted to thank Chelsea, Karen & Megan for that night & sharing so much wisdom.

I would love to know your thoughts on the conversation around cash & my thoughts from the night below in the comments. As always, if there is anything in particular around the topic of cash that would like me to chat about, let me know.

I did a podcast last year with Your Creative Start around money so feel free to give that a listen for more business finance chat.

December Journal


The Highs

What a huge month December always is.. not only is it one of the busiest months for the online store but personally as well. A major high this month was the support from my community on my online store. Small businesses often rely on the support in November/December not only to get them through the slower months but it also often means they don’t have to be as stressed when they take a little time off over Christmas (no annual leave pay here!). Christmas is always a high in my books. Christmas for me is always hot, with a bunch of family, too much food, late night board games & Pimms in hand. This year was no exception. As you get older Christmas seems to last longer, this year mine lasted 4 days. I headed up to the Sunshine coast for my Christmas to New Years break and it was pure bliss. Lots of sun, salty hair & varying tan lines. I nailed the Spicy Margarita and Michael, Mum & I had mid-afternoon Margarita sessions. One of my favourite days was NYE. A friend came back from Japan for the holidays so we spent the day with him & his girlfriend at the beach. No exaggeration, 12 hours at various beaches. I walked back to the car after the fireworks with a smile stuck to my face, no word of a lie. Early morning swims to wake up. Realised that I never knew how much I needed shells in my life. Got a Lemon Tree and a Magnolia Tree for Christmas! Wore my new yellow bikini - no regrets. Ate fish and chips on the beach. Made a really good garlic bread with my brother. Had too much fun with a pink magnifying glass that I got with a Drunk Elephant gift set.

New In Review

Lucy Folk Bag. I have been eyeing off the clutches by Bondi based Designer Lucy Folk for the longest time but I knew myself enough to know that I wouldn’t get enough use out of a clutch. However in the latest releases their iconic clutches have come with a handle option which meant it was now a perfect addition for me. For transparency, I am a partner with Shopbop (a stockist of Lucy Folk) which meant I was able to be gifted this bag but it was already on my to-purchase list before this. As much as I love all of their colour ways, I chose the transparent option so that I could wear it with anything therefore getting the most use out of this beauty. It was the only handbag I took away with me and it is guaranteed compliments! In future I would love to also get a longer strap so that I could use it as a cross body bag also. Is it a everyday handbag that you can fit a lot in? No. However I only use small bags because it means I don’t carry around unnecessary items. Shop Here

Glamglow Cleanser. This cleanser was gifted to me mid December from Mecca Cosmetica and it came at the perfect time. I was at the end of my current cleanser and there would be no better time to test it out than over the Christmas / New Year period. Not only because I would be battling my hormonal break outs but also my skin freaks out with heavy sunscreen & zinc use. Boy oh boy though, this impressed me. Since it lightly exfoliates while cleansing, it meant that I was able to give my skin a good clean after a day of heavy lotion use. I would definitely purchase this cleanser once I have used it all up. Shop here.

Op Shop Finds. I didn’t do any online shopping over the break, instead I found myself only purchasing shell & a couple of things from the Op Shop. Honestly I don’t know why anyone would buy new glassware. The Op Shop always has great stuff and I ended up getting a crystal tray & bottle for $3! No regrets there. I also bought a few sea shells, one big boy so that I could listen to the ocean when I am at my studio desk and some to hold my earrings and other small jewellery in. Most homeware stores near the beach will stock shells so keep an eye out.

Yellow Bikini by Fella Swim. Now I definitely didn’t need these, but swimwear is a weakness of mine. I had my heart set on finding the perfect yellow bikini and after many hours searching online, I chose to go with Fella Swim. The thing I love most about Fella swim are their options, in one colour they have 9 different top & bottom styles to choose from which means you will be able to find shapes that suit your body & size. They also make to order for finer adjustments. I went with the casanova top and fell in love with the shape on me. Even though it was a little bit of an unexpected purchase, I don’t regret it one bit. Shop here.


The Lows

I grabbed my curler by the hot rod part just before heading to my family Christmas. It blistered immediately and meant I had to keep an ice pack on my hand all day to stop it feeling like it was on fire. It took a week to heal. I saw a dog get hit by a car. It was the fucking worst. By the end of the year I get super drained with social media. I was done. I got over standing up for myself then being attacked for it, I got over the critics thinking my life/my personality/my choices are something I need opinions on. That leads me to really needing to refocus and draw boundaries for myself this year when it comes to social media.

If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personally. I always try to be kind and considerate of how what I do & say can be taken by others so I take it very personally if someone either attacks that or takes what I am doing or saying completely differently. I need to realise that often these responses are self serving. They are to assert their own knowledge, opinions, insecurities etc. They are often nothing to do with you personally. Secondly, I am not a Google Search Engine. I want my audience to be self-motivated, intelligent & curious. Everything you need to know can be found. If I haven’t already written about it on the blog or saved it to my Story Highlights I am sure it can be found on google or youtube. Otherwise I will be most likely writing about it soon.


How do I stop working?

First day of holidays this hit me, what do I do when I am not working? Netflix was boring me & I didn’t want to go out because I knew I had some full on days coming up. I first thought I would do some Christmas craft activities but then I knew I would want to document and share it which would turn into work. So what do you do when your fun thing turns into your work thing? (not a bad problem to have)

I had to find something that was creative but something that I wouldn’t turn into work. So I did something I wasn’t good at. Illustration. Faces in particular. They are quick and sassy and best yet, they aren’t something I would sell or really talk about at all. A few days in I caught myself thinking about how I could do one a day and post it and then have a collection of maybe try 50 of them before I get back. I managed to try and turn it into work. I caught myself though and abandoned all of those thoughts. Here are six. Creating for the sake of creating. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am not going to write about goals for January because to be honest it is intimidating
and I am not in the space to do so. Maybe next month.

jasmine x