Christmas Gift Guide

It is that time of the year & if you’re anything like me you’re already trying to sort out gifting so everything isn’t last minute. This year I have not only put together a gift guide but I have also created a new Gift Edit to try & help you find cool gifts for the people in your life.

It is so important to me that these guides help you shop small this Christmas, which is why there is a big focus on small businesses in this post. As a small business, I know how much this time means to an independent brand. Instead of buying a mass produced, heavily ‘inspired’ product, try your best to shop locally this festive season. Trust me, your purchases mean to the world to the handful of people behind these brands.


When it comes to style presents I always stay clear of clothing and stick to accessories. Accessories mean you don’t have to worry about sizing and you can get some great finds for under $25!

Headwear. There are so many great options around at the moment from a great beret, a straw hat for summer or even a cool headband!

Earrings. Think about their personal style, are they more likely to keep it classic or have a little more fun with earrings?

Bags. Bags don’t need to be designer. With the move to reduce plastic there is no better time to gift someone a grocery bag they will actually want to use.

Underwear. Bralettes are the way to go, they are sexy while still being understated. Can’t go wrong with brands like Love Stories!



Magazines & Books. I love magazines & books for myself but they are also the perfect gift for the men in your life. If you’re struggling to find magazines, Magnation might be the website to help you out this festive season.

Tech. All sorts of tech do the trick but this HAY x Sonos One in green is too damn good not to mention.

Beauty. Treat the men in your life and luxe up their beauty routine with a new after shave or skin care!

Coffee. Whether it is a coffee machine or accessories I always find pairing it with a bag of coffee does the trick for the perfect gift hamper.



Perfume Discovery Sets. To be honest I think these the best gifts. The cost is normally lower than committing to choosing just one fragrance for someone and they are the perfect size to travel with.

Brush Sets & Beauty Accessories. Who doesn’t need new make up brushes?! They are such good value for money and these by Mecca Cosmetica look so damn pretty! Make Up bags are also always a safe bet for a happy girl at Christmas.

Palettes. The palettes that are released at this time of the year always have me weak at the knees. I could not recommend the Hourglass palettes more. They are my favourite powder formula and these palettes will last you years!



You can not go wrong with gifts for the home, this is probably why most girls I know have at least 5 half-burnt candles in their room at one time.

Candles. As above! At this time of the year I love a Christmas Candle but not the cheesy kind. Lumira has one I am eyeing off that says christmas without shoving tinsel in your face.

Artwork. Not only is it a perfect way to support creatives at this time of the year but it something personal that I can promise your friend will cherish. I have an illustration from an 18th birthday present and it still means so much to me.

Bedding. This is the perfect gift for a lover or a roommate!

Trays. Who doesn’t need a good tray?! They are perfect for everything from beauty, perfume, accessories, incense/candles!



Personalised Travel Accessories. The perfect gift for someone who is always in the air. Get it monogrammed or stamped with their favourite emoji!

Travel Books. Perfect for someone who loves to travel but doesn’t have any flights booked.

Travel sized goodies. Can’t go wrong with things in tiny packaging.

Please let me know about any small businesses that you think would be perfect to add to The Gift Edit down in the comments as I will be constantly updating that page until Christmas.

jasmine x



This weekend I took on the dreaded task of cleansing my closet. It is something I have a love/hate relationship with but it always feels like a good time to do it when you're in between seasons changing. In Australia at the moment we are in late Autumn but in Queensland it hasn't really even reached jacket weather. 

I thought to give myself a little more structure to not only keep a method to the madness but also keep myself accountable I would publish a guide on how to tackle a closet crisis. 



Before beginning, get it all in front of you. I am talking bags, shoes, clothes it all and write off the next 3 hours. 


List why you like these items. How to they make you feel, how often can you where them? What shape/colour/fabric are they? This will help you define your personal style and what you should be demanding from the rest of your wardrobe. 

Mine currently are my Acne Leather Jacket, White Tee, Striped Midi Skirt, Polka dot dress, my pink mohair coat. I noticed that all these pieces I feel have a focus on cut and fit to my shape which in return means I find them extremely comfortable. This list also shows that my style is feminine with a slight edge, while being quite relaxed. 



Now that you know why you like your favourite pieces, define some questions that will help you put the rest of your items to the test. Do your pieces need to have a focus on trend or cut or comfort? Does the colour match in with other tones you wear? Can you wear it with at least 3 different outfits?

My closet questions are: Are you comfortable in it? Is the cut/fit flattering to you (if not, can it be altered)? Does it go with at least 3 different looks? If it's a top - Can it be worn with high waisted skirt or pants? Because let's be honest that is mainly what I wear. Does it make you feel either pretty, bad ass, festive or chill? (I normally dress for one of those 4 vibes). 



Take a step back after you have culled everything that didn't meet at least 75% of your requirements in Step Two. What are you left with? Look at how many tops, dresses, pants, skirts & outerwear you're left with. I am sure you're not sitting equal across the board. Write it down if you need to, this will help with the last two steps. 

My analysis is.. Tops: 10%, most of those are t-shirts. 50% Skirts, a lot of printed skirts. 2.5% Pants. 15% Dresses, mostly coloured dresses, 10% Knits and 12.5% Outerwear. 


If you never wear dresses, having a low dress percentage isn't going to be a worry. So look at your numbers for each and see if that is representative of what you wear. 

For me a 2.5% pants doesn't really bother me too much because let's be honest I don't like to wear pants that much. The area that is alarming me is my tops percentage. I have known this for a while but that's definitely something I need to work on. 



We all have our weaknesses when it comes to purchasing things we don't need. Define what those weaknesses are and what you certainly don't need any more of in your wardrobe. 

List of Things Jasmine Can't Buy: Printed or Bright Skirts, Blazers, Short Jackets, Bright Coloured Dresses or Heavy Chunky Knits.



Start with the area of your closet that you have identified as abnormally low. Also ask yourself in what situations you find it hard to choose something to wear. The combination of those two questions will help you fill the gaps in your closet. But don't forget to go back to Step Two and ask yourself those same questions when deciding on a new purchase. 

List of Things Jasmine Can Buy: 
Tops. I need to find styles of tops that are slightly dressier than T-Shirts that also go well with high waisted/fuller skirts or pants.

Lightweight Knits. Lightweight knits that can be tucked in or worn over high waisted bottoms, also good for layering.  

Lightweight trench. Because I feel like it is a staple that I am missing. Call me out in the comments if I am wrong. 

Single neutral toned skirt or dresses. Stick to white/black or nude tones to match back with the rest of my closet.

Shoes. Fun Fact - I hate shoes. I hate shoe shopping therefore I have hardly any shoes. I need to get over this. Please leave your favourite shoe suggestions in the comments. I need help. 



I would love to know what's on your no-buy list and what your closet has been missing below in the comments.
If you follow me on stories and you see me unboxing one of my no-buys you have to call me out haha. 

jasmine x



WEARING Faithfull the Brand Dress / Karen Walker Harvest Eyewear    SHOT BY Michael John Hughes

I wasn't planning a blog post for this outfit but I had a couple of pictures from the easter long weekend and had so many questions about this dress so I thought why not?! I am so freaking in love with this dress. I kept going to buy it but it was out of stock every time so I signed up for updates and when I got the 'back in stock' notification I added it straight to cart. A day later it was out of stock again. So for those of you who are impatient (which I totally am) and want a dress like this now I have searched online for similar styles in this green. 


Since this dress is always sold out, I have searched the web for similar green sun dresses for you. 

faithfull the brand dress

faithfull the brand dress



mink pink dress

mink pink dress

mink pink dress

mink pink dress

reformation dress

reformation dress

relisation par dress

relisation par dress

rixo london dress

rixo london dress


If you have found one similar, make sure to link it in the comments for others :) 

jasmine x 


I bought this dress months ago and it instantly ticked all the summer dress boxes:
~ doesn't touch my body
~ a lightweight & breathable fabric (100% Silk was a huge tick on this)
~ damn cute fabric.

One day in particular I put the dress on and for some reason didn't want to wear a high neck so I flipped it backwards to have the keyhole back at the front. As much as I would love to wear it this way over a bikini, it was a little revealing with just a bralette, so I popped a white tee on under and I was good to go. Ever since I have been getting twice the wear out of this dress and it has got me thinking differently about the rest of my waredrobe. 





Shopbop is having a sale!

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~ 20% off orders of $500+
~ 25% off orders of $800+

Use code GOBIG18 until 3/3.


Karen Walker Harvest Frames
Save 15% with code GOBIG18
until March 3. 

Assembly Label Everyday Tee
One size down for a more fitted look.

Jasmin Sparrow Bangle via Maker's Mrkt


Now I should probably introduce you to my newest bag addition by the brand Staud. It is my terracotta pot in a hanging rope macrame/fishing net dream come true. I have been searching for the perfect tan leather bag with cream stitching for the last year and this just hit the nail on the head. I am beyond obsessed and it is worth all of dad jokes it gets. 

I know I haven't done a style post here in a while so let me know what you think. I only really enjoy posting them when they are outfits I am repeating like crazy with items I truly love to death. 

jasmine x 



Where the hell do I even start?! First of all I look at what I own in each category of clothing (coats, tees, bottoms etc) on the clothing rack(s). Then I take anything off the rack that I find uncomfortable or not 100% myself in because I know I won't reach for those items & will stay in my suitcase. I then have a look at the colours in my wardrobe. If you are a monochromatic lover than you are good to go but since I love a bit of colour and I am going to Japan I wanted to keep some fun colour in this time around. I instead looked at tones that went well together and could still be paired back with Black & White. So I noticed a little (a lot) of pink (duh), and some yellow. I didn't want to have yellow as a main colour so I will ditching the knit featured above and stick to just the skirt. A couple of weeks back I found this coat from Topshop and knew the colour was perfect straight away. The brown is the perfect addition to the pink & yellow and will also bring some warmth into my black & white outfits.

It was then a matter of culling in each section down so that I wasn't taking too many similar items. For example: two black slouchy knits or a pink cardi and a pink coat. This is where the below really helped me figure out how much of each category I needed and in what styles.  The biggest lesson I learnt from Europe, was pay attention to comfy footwear and I was certain not to repeat my same mistakes.

Then comes the luggage.. I like to keep this as simple as possible especially when I will be taking trains between towns/countries. I keep myself to a one suitcase limit. Then my main priority is the weight of the bag and its ease of use. As my Samsonite has never let me down, I am taking my Lite-Cube 76cm which weighs just over 3kgs. That means more clothes for me!



Outerwear is probably my favourite category of clothing but also the category I get to wear the least of in Queensland. So I am packing, my Nanna's vintage blazer, my Acne Studios leather jacket and my trusty Max & Co pink mohair coat (similar here).




For knits it is great to try bring a variety with different fits. I always take more fitted knits so that I can wear them under my outerwear but I also like to take an oversized knit which I can layer. 




I live in tees so that is what I am sticking to this time around. A graphic tee, A long sleeve tee and your favourite classic tee. My all time favourite classic tee is the Everyday Tee by Assembly Label, it cannot be beaten in my opinion.




With any of these categories you need to take one classic item. Then you can have a little more room to move and choose a coloured item (from your colour scheme) or printed item. Or just 3 classics if that is more your jam, who am I to tell you what to do?




I am not a pants girl but when you're going somewhere cold I have to convert. Jeans - a must. Next on my list is a comfort level 100 trouser, then these polka dot bad boys because they don't need an excuse and a wide leg pair that will fit 2 pairs of thermals underneath. 





Honestly I don't do dresses a lot when I am travelling because they often don't have too many styling options when you compare them to tops/bottoms. A slip dress is a must though as it is the easiest piece to layer. Then I always throw in my favourite dress just incase. 



Shoes. I am probably with 5% of the population who isn't crazy about shoes. But I learnt from Europe that you have to get the shoes right. Since it is fall I found myself some super soft and comfy white leather sneakers and some cloud-like nikes to get me through. Your favourite boot is also a must. 




When travelling I try to keep my bags small. It stops me putting non-necessary items and giving myself a sore neck/shoulder for no reason. I take my everyday Givenchy Pandora Box bag because it's the perfect size for the essentials and I can wear it cross body without the worry of it hurting my shoulder or constantly annoying me. I guess some people would worry about your designer bag being ruined with constant wear and travel but to me a bag is there to be worn and enjoyed so even though it doesn't look like I just bought it I still love it just as much. Then I needed a bigger bag option for the plane etc because I won't be taking a carry-on suitcase. So I whipped out my Max & Co blush leather backpack which isn't too small or too big and fits everything I need in it for the flight. Next up is a scarf. Scarfs are the best way to add some colour to your outfit so I chose pink (duh) This one was a steal off ASOS (Link Below).



Last step in the packing process is to get your packing rack ready then try everything on like you're the computer in Clueless.
Take reference photos so when you can't work out what you want to wear you have 300 selfies to help you out. 


Hope you all enjoy this monster of a blog post and found it somewhat useful when you're packing for your next trip. I am currently working on Part two - Skin & Beauty to share with you what I am taking with me. A look into my absolute favourites. 


jasmine x