I wrote about the pressures of being a “Girl Boss” earlier this year, the pressures to succeed by societies standards so today I kind of wanted to touch on the topic of success in personal life. I am assuming for most people work life does play into their personal life and for me that rings even more true so if I talk a little bit about that also, that is why.

Let me get all the facts straight to start off with. I just turned 27 years old. I don’t own property, I am not married or even engaged, I am not pregnant or have a child & I do not drive my dream car. So let’s just say that I am not getting flooded with congratulatory messages on any announcement posts. As of October 13, 2019 anyway. When I turned 27 a couple of months back I started to spiral a little I am not going to lie. Feeling ‘behind’ or not knowing what I was doing and if I was doing the right things or not. Questioning my priorities and whether they weren’t aligned and the list goes on. There were a few things that guided me through this phase though so I thought I would share incase you’re currently in that mindset.


Firstly, Life is kind of long

Look, I know life is also short, YOLO and all the rest of it. But say you live until you’re 75 years old, then ticking off everything you want to achieve in your 20s is not that big of a deal when you really think about it. I like to instead think of the 40 year old I want to be, the 50 year old I want to be etc and what everyday life looks like for 50 year old jasmine. It is kind of nice to think about that version of yourself and see if what you are doing today is either building towards that or aligned with those values. It also takes that ticking clock feeling pressure off having it all sorted in your 20s.

Re-wording goals to get to the route of the desire & possibly re-routing your goals entirely

This is something that really helps me in working out what my true goals and values are instead of falling into the trap of wanting to tick off society’s list of what I should be wanting or achieving. I will give you some of the examples of how I re-direct the typical ‘success’ markers.

Be a successful [insert profession here] What I actually want to be is skilled at my work. I want my work to inspire and motivate me. I also want my work to allow me to create the life I want. I want it to give me the financial freedom of not being anxious and stressed about money, I want it to give me the freedom of flexible hours and lastly I want it to give me the freedom to travel.

Become Rich. Of course if a million dollars came knocking I wouldn’t say no to it but I am very weary of riches becoming a goal necessarily. Riches more so than wealth. To me, I feel that riches are some what external expressions of wealth. They are your nice cars, your new designer handbags etc etc. Wealth to me is something that gives you freedom and I am aware that I don’t need huge wealth to achieve that freedom that I want. I want wealth that provides a comfortable roof over my head, wealth that allows me to travel every so often, wealth that allows me to go out for long afternoon lunches. I want wealth that means if things turned for the worst, I would be okay. I think sometimes we get so caught up on getting more more more when it comes to money that we don’t even have the time to enjoy it. The goal of ‘more’ will never be satisfied.

Getting Married. Marriage has never been something that I felt was super important. To be honest my parents got divorced when I was 6 so marriage is something I am more weary of than your typical 27 yr old woman who has been in a relationship for 8 years. Recently though I am embarrassed to admit that the expectation does shake me up a little. But then I try to think, do I really need the legality? No. Do I need the big wedding? No. Sure I’d love to express my love for Michael in front of my loved ones and have an excuse to buy a Celile Bahnsen dress but do I need to? No. Instead I want to make sure that Michael knows how much I adore him. I want to be in a relationship that is supportive and loving, appreciative and full of laughter. That is the success in love that I already have & I don’t think marriage would change that.

Buying a House. Being such a home body & working from home means that this is of large personal value to me. What I actually want is a home that inspires my life whether it be that the kitchen has lots of natural light so I am more inclined to cook or that I want a deck that inspires me to have more people over for afternoon drinks & dinner. All of those things aren’t really about the purchase of the home at all. I can and do achieve this by renting. Where the buying comes in is in my desire for more security and for a garden that I wont have to worry about moving in 12 months. This is a goal that I would love to make happen in the next two years.

What I really wanted to finish by saying is that it is completely okay to want to get married, have children, buy a house, get rich & be a successful whatever but it is also okay if none or any of those apply to you. It can be difficult when it seems like everyone around you is doing or striving for one thing but it is important to stop and consider what you truly want and what adds value to your life personally. It is also okay to change your mind.

I would love to know if you’re going through this same phase at the moment.

With Love, Jasmine

September Journal



I am only going to touch on this slightly because I did a whole blog post on it but Canberra was definitely a huge high from this month. If you want to read about our 48 trip you can do so here. We also went to see the latest exhibitions at GOMA. Margaret Olley is my new goal. A huge month of releases for Studio Jasmine… I realised my latest photo book full of all of my unseen images of flowers by the beach, the first run sold out in less than 24 hours but you can get your hands on the latest and final print run here. I also released by Zodiac phone case collection with The Dairy! I recently sent my Cut Out Catalogue to the printer, so keep an eye out for mini prints soon. After visiting Canberra I also took 2 days off to visit a local flower carnival with my mum and nanny, it was a full on few days but can’t complain when it meant being around flowers 24/7. My nanny and I both had lady birds land on us. I took a bunch of disposable cameras to play with while we were away and one of the results gave me an idea for a personal project. I also need to find a film camera so that I am not buying disposables every other week. I found out my brother & sister in law have a puppy coming early October which has me super pumped. It is now spring which means all my plants are growing new leaves. The poppies this month were insanely beautiful.


A five hour flight delay because the airline put another flight on our plane. A possum ate lots of new leaves on my plants on the deck. The fact that disposable cameras are now so popular mean I have to hunt them down after they sell out at all of my local spots. I felt like I had to turn off DMs for a while on Instagram Stories, I definitely stayed off socials for a few days but I also missed what I love most about sharing. Moving forward I am actively choosing not to engage with those types of messages. Remembering that if people choose to think the worst of me that says more about them than me.


Saving to Spend Failed

I don’t know what to say, I had a bit of a blow out with the whole ‘saving to spend’ situation. I think because I went away half way through the month it meant I kind of got a bit loose with my spending. I bought little trinkets while we were in Canberra, I impulse bought a white version of a black dress I bought last month. I bought a Everlane pink corduroy chore jacket which I love but probably wasn’t necessary considering it is now 33 degrees. I am a little bummed because it felt slightly out of control but I have zero purchase regrets. As much as it was an impulse, this Bec & Bridge dress already is sitting at a cost per wear of about $50 and I have only had it two weeks. In October I need to slow it down. I definitely don’t need any more clothes. Ps. If you ever want to know what I have recently bought/lusting over you can check it out on The Edit page.

Goals for October

Holy shit, how am I writing about October already?! Let’s aim to get through October without having a breakdown about how much we need to get done prior to Christmas shall we? In all seriousness I have lots of Studio Jasmine things to get to the printer by the end of October. I need to work out products for Christmas & the start of 2020 and plan launches. I really want to get back into some personal creative projects to make sure that the stress doesn’t absorb me. I want to get a book so that I can start reading before bed again. I am thinking Three Women so if anyone has read it please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

With Love, Jasmine x

My 48 hour guide to Canberra

If you have read any of my previous travel guides you would know I love to spend my time eating, drinking, going to local galleries and flower hunting at any opportunity when travelling. My trip to Canberra last week was no exception. The trip may have been short but it was so sweet & exceeded any expectations I had of our capital city. So let’s break it down…


Accommodation & Travel

The great thing about Canberra is that nearly everything we wanted to see was at most a 15 minute drive away which meant getting around super easy. I would recommend getting a hire car while in town, but if you love riding a bicycle I think this would be the place to do it due to the wide & flat streets. We visited in spring which meant we were treated by seeing so many flowers & blossom trees in bloom.

If you’re wanting to stay close to things on this list I would recommend staying in suburbs like Braddon or Barton. We stayed at Little National Hotel over in Barton. It is the nicest little boutique hotel that I would say has the comfiest hotel bed I’ve ever slept in. If you are someone who rides, they have cute bikes for hire & the hotel is a stones throw away from the Galleries.


Eat & Drink

Highroad Cafe. A really lovely cafe with a menu that has little surprises eg. Vegemite Ricotta!
KYO Coffee Project. Hidden in a little laneway off Lonsdale St this place is the perfect stop for good coffee
Sonoma Bakery. Stop in here to get some baked treats for the hotel room or on the road!
The Cupping Room. Stop in for breakfast or lunch or even just an amazing cup of coffee. They seriously know their coffee. Since we were there while Floriade is on, they had specialty floral inspired coffee - which of course I had to try!
Penny University. Super close to Little National, so I’d pop in if you need breakfast or lunch & visiting the galleries.

Lazy Su. Our Must Visit! Probably our favourite meal of the trip. If you like bubble tea you must try their cocktails with popping pearls!
Monster. Especially convenient if you’re staying at the Ovolo Hotel but either way it is worth booking in for dinner.
Grease Monkey. It’s the place to go when you want a good burger or deep dish pizza.
Bar Rochford. If you’re wanting a really cool vibe for dinner & drinks, this is the place to go.

Photography by MICHAEL JOHN HUGHES & I

Photography by MICHAEL JOHN HUGHES & I

Where to visit

Floriade. I might be bias but I think Late September - Early Oct is the perfect time to plan your trip to Canberra for one big reason - Floriade. Floriade is Canberra’s flower festival that takes place at Commonwealth Park from September 14 to October 13 this year. It is a one stop shop to take in as many flowers (and bees) as possible. They also have some great little stalls so that you can make a day out of it.

National Gallery Of Australia. Even though it was in-between exhibits while we were in town, it was still one of the highlights of our trip. Inside we were able to see Warhol, Yayoi Kusama, David Hockney & Mark Rothko to name a few. The star of the gallery for me is actually outside. Within Without by James Turrell was absolutely breathtaking. I could have stayed in there all day and probably filled up an entire SD card with images. It is one of my absolute must-sees.

National Portrait Gallery. Situated just down the road from NGA, this should also be on your list. Unfortunately we just missed seeing the Women in Vogue exhibit that starts October 11 until November 24 2019. You can not only see the amazing photography featured in Vogue but see archived copies of the magazine. What a dream.

Pialligo Estate. This also fits into Eat & Drink but if you’re someone who loves to make an experience out of eating and drinking then a winery should definitely be on your list. You can make a booking for a wine tasting or visit their pavilion to enjoy lunch and order your favourite wines from their winery.

Bison Home. We stumbled across Bison home while strolling Lonsdale St and instantly I was glad I bought a big suitcase to Canberra with me. They have stunningly designed ceramics and glassware which make the perfect gift to self while in town. I bought a bulb shaped vase to remind me of our time in the capital city. They also have a location near Pialligo Estate if you’re over that way.

Before signing off I wanted to thank Visit Canberra for truly collaborating with me on this trip. We explored the city like we would any other trip and had such an amazing couple of days.

With Love, Jasmine

In The Clouds


It has been a while since I have just posted photographs of me in an outfit but this week I sat down in front of my fujifilm because this dress just begs to be shot.

This dreamy dress is by Lee Mathews (shop here).
It was one of my purchases from my ‘Saving to Spend’ in August and it was an extra win because I got it with a 20% off code on The Iconic. I thought it would be the perfect spring/summer dress and it did not disappoint. As soon as it arrived I have been eyeing it off in different colours.

Summer Dress Checklist:

  • Cotton or Linen - Check!

  • Breathable - Check!

  • Doesn’t touch my body - Check!

  • Pockets - Extra Points!

I hope you don’t mind this short little outfit post.

With Love, Jasmine x

Shop The Edit

bec & bridge dress

bec & bridge dress



sleeper dress

sleeper dress

asos dress

asos dress

marle dress

marle dress

bec & bridge dress

bec & bridge dress

mara hoffman dress

mara hoffman dress

scanlan theodore dress

scanlan theodore dress

bec & bridge dress

bec & bridge dress

August Journal



August was overall a pretty damn lovely month. It was my birthday so I took a few days off to head up the beach and my family ended up joining us up there. We got super lucky when shell hunting on the beach, I would say the most shell-luck I’ve had since the 90s at a beach called Shelleys’s so that is saying something. On my birthday we were sitting eating fish and chips on the beach at sunset & dolphins came in! Which I have never seen in the 27 years I have been going there so that was pretty damn magical. Two clothing items I had been eyeing off went on special but I will touch on that later. I got to work with Penfolds and try an expensive red wine, such a treat. Went to the movies to see Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and really enjoyed all 2 and half hours of it. Hit a financial goal of mine early*. Transferred a chunk of money into my super. Also started a couple new personal projects that don’t make me any money!

Lows (but not really)

Hardly any lows this month but Michael ordered bubble tea and forgot to ask for pearls - that was a low. I wonder if anyone actually buys bubble tea without the pearls? The main reason we get bubble tea is for the surprise of a pearl when it hits your tongue. *So a high was hitting a financial goal I had early. But I felt weird about it. I was pretty close and on track to hit it at the end of the year however I hit it early because of the amazing actions of other people in my life. So I am having trouble being proud of myself or celebrating hitting that goal because the last step wasn’t the result of my hard work. Probably silly but I feel a little guilty about it.

I am 27, I don’t have my shit together

I turned 27 this month and for some reason it has thrown me a little. I think it is because in my mind I am 22 and doing well for my age? But then I realise I am 27.. and then I open facebook and suddenly feel the urge to get married, have a bun (that isn’t sourdough) in the oven and have a house that I am renovating. I don’t know but it hit me all of a sudden. Am I behind? What am I doing? What have I been doing?! *insert anxiety attack here* I can talk myself back down from that ledge but it still creeps up more than I enjoy at the moment. It is a time where I really have to stay strong with my own values and try not let the noise cloud me. I could also delete 90% of the people on my Facebook.

Saving to spend - A month on..

Last month I touched on that I was going to stop buying things weekly out of my spending money, pool left over money and at the end of each month treat myself to the things I wanted to buy. So I did that, pooled around the $800 mark and a couple of things happened. Firstly, I saved a bunch of money because I waited and 2 pricier items went on sale (or had discount codes). Secondly, I was a lot more considered about the items I was buying because I had to wait to purchase them and really look at what % of the $800 it would eat up. Lastly, buying it all over a couple of days meant it felt like Christmas when it all arrived. Delayed gratification is sometimes the best. I will be doing the same in the next week or so with the money I saved to spend in August. PS. This is outside of my savings, I am not spending my savings.


New Personal Projects

This month was a little more chill on the client front which was amazing as I was able to focus on creating for the sake of creating. First came the Cut Out Catalogue. If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed I shared some cut out collages of beauty products earlier this month. I have been playing with cut out collages for a while now starting with the fruits a couple of years ago and now I have a full on obsession doing it to beauty products. I think I have around 30 on file now so keep an eye out on my feed for more soon.

I also started a new instagram account for another obsession of mine - bees on flowers. It isn’t for anything more than sharing my photos and videos of bees on flowers and it is bringing me so much joy. It is called Self Pollination (@selfpollination) because Bees on Flowers was already taken.

With Love, Jasmine x