I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t put this off until mid October to write so here it goes, my September Journal..


First of all, I really wanted to pick up where I left off in August’s Journal. My creative collaboration with Love Stories Australia was launched earlier in the month and I honestly couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Collaborations can be tricky at the best of times let alone with a international brand but this was probably the smoothest collaboration I have had yet. From our first meeting to the end result their openness, creativity and trust they gave me was something that I will always be grateful for. And I couldn’t be more proud of the imagery & lettering that is currently in their Bondi & James St Stores. It was worth all of the self doubt. On the note of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I also shot a photography project for my next print collection. I wasn’t sure how it would work out and we were up against it with the weather but I couldn’t have been happier that we did it. Shout out to Michael for working with me on this and being the structure I needed to get it done between storm clouds. My friend Jade & I went to Montrachet Boulangerie, a French patisserie in Brisbane and ate more than our weight in pastries - no regrets. Kelly Thompson had our creative chats at Creative Hub in Melbourne this month and even though it was a quick trip it definitely was a high this month to meet and get to chat to those that came along. I got colour put in my hair for the first time in 12 years by Mia from The Mia Collective and don’t hate it even the slightest. Those who have been reading my journals will be excited to know I also picked up my new hard drive finally (more on that in New In). I got my tax return done for last financial year (yay me!).




A few new tech pieces this month. After 4 months I finally picked up my new external hard drive storage system. It was really time to invest in a much better set up so I went for the G-Tech G-Raid Thunderbolt3 16TB. I chose this one because it includes two hard drives where one automatically backs up to the other. They are also removable and replaceable once full and look a lot nicer than most which is a bonus. My second bit of new tech would have to be my new iPhone. My contract was up on my 7 so I upgraded to the XS model. So far so good but the front facing camera does do some weird things with light sometimes. For example my hair looks a lot lighter in the front face camera vs the back? weird.


I am including this segment this month because it has been a huge month for Podcasts. My podcast came out with Jaharn from Your Creative Start talking frankly about money. I also have been really loving podcast’s out of the UK. Firstly an old favourite The High Low and secondly The Fringe of It. Both a mix of less serious & more serious chats all in one episode. Couldn’t recommend more. Then two Australian women released podcasts this month which are both amazing. Gemma Watts released her no-bullshit beauty podcast called Glow Journal and Alison Rice released Offline The Podcast which talks to online profile women about their true selves offline.


I found this dress I really want on eBay for half the price but the seller doesn’t have a measuring tape to see if it will fit me so I have to let it go. Random question: do you own a measuring tape? I have always had one but I don’t know if I am an anomaly here. I burnt myself abnormally often this month. I don’t know why but I currently have burn scars on most fingers. Missed out on a house that would have been pretty lovely. Celine. When everyone was up in arms over the logo changed, as much as I didn’t love the change I really didn’t see it as a huge deal but that show left me annoyed. Firstly, the casting was wrong, secondly the woman presented is not something I would ever aspire to be but more importantly I felt it completely disregarded and disrespect the Phoebe Philo Celine customer.


As much as you like to take care of everything yourself and be in control you probably need some help this time around. Learning that saying ‘I just need to get through the next two weeks’ every month probably isn’t sustainable.


I picked up How Do You Like Me Now? by Holly Bourne mid way through the month when I needed something to stop me from working/sitting online. I finished it within 24 Hours. It was something that I feel like so many women in their 20s/30s would really relate to this book and hit home.


I want to be able to release the latest artwork collection & have the His & Hers Italy print ready before the end of the month. They are my two work priorities this month as I slow down on client work heading into Christmas. Get away to the beach.


How was your month? Are you as terrified as I am that we are already in October?! Although I did get super excited to see Christmas decorations in store today.

jasmine x

NEW IN BEAUTY: September Review

 Phone case is Daily Edited, Saucer is vintage & MIrror is Made Of Tomorrow

Phone case is Daily Edited, Saucer is vintage & MIrror is Made Of Tomorrow

You guys know the drill, out of everything I have been putting on my face/body & hair this past month or so these are the handful that I will be keeping in my life & I feel are worth the mention…


Let’s start with a new foundation. I was gifted the Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation late august. Usually with new foundations I put them on my skin maybe a few times and don’t reach for them again because they haven’t lived up to my Clinique Even Better Glow. Last month the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue earned its mention for a slightly lighter coverage for those days when you just want a tint. However, when I first put on the Clarins foundation it didn’t feel like either of my other favourites in texture. It is so thin that a little goes a long way and feels more like a thin serum to apply. The finish is slightly different where I would call it a satin finish rather than dewy or luminous like the other two. I think coming into the warmer months I might pull this out more often because my sweat will help me out with luminosity. If you like full coverage or even medium coverage, this isn’t one for you. Also I would recommend testing the shades and letting them dry down before picking a shade. It is nothing drastic but it is something to consider with this foundation.

Next up is a new liquid blush/bronzer/highlighter trio. This was an impulse purchase at my local Mecca (we all have those right?). I justified buying the Hourglass Illume Sheer Colour Trio because of all of my interstate travel I have been doing for work and needing something that had everything in one place. Firstly, this isn’t for all skin tones unfortunately. I think it would even struggle on most medium to deep tan skin tones if I am honest. But if you are lucky enough to be pale enough for this, it is a winner. They are probably the most blendable, easy to work with cream products I have used. They are impossible to make look muddy or streaky and even if you have never used cream products before I think you would apply these with ease Now for the colours. The bronzer is the perfect shade in my opinion. It isn’t too warm or too cool toned. The blush is pretty but it is very warm/peachy toned. I find when I put it on without foundation on it leans more peach and can wash me out a little. However, the combination of a lightweight foundation, the bronzer and blush is so natural and fresh looking. The highlighter shade isn’t my favourite but then again I am bias towards the Mecca Cosmetic Lit From Within Illuminating Balm.

 glass is west elm & earrings are reliquia

glass is west elm & earrings are reliquia


Both products worth mentioning are in the singles category due to the fact that I have been having to pack a minimal makeup bag and let’s be honest, I am not over here doing a smoky halo eye with glitter detailing. First up is the new Nars single, duo and quad eye shadows / palettes. Yes they are pigmented, yes they blend well so what is all the fuss? They are magnetic. This may not seem exciting to anyone except me but the fact that I can switch out what I take in my quad or duo is super appealing to me. I had the Isolde Duo which is two shimmers so when I went down to Melbourne I popped out one shimmer and replaced it with shade Sophia so I has the perfect matte brown and golden shimmer.

Secondly, the single shadow Sylvie by Chantecaille has been one of my go-to shadows for the last month and a half. It isn’t too warm and blends beautifully. That being said, I was gifted this so the price tag didn’t hurt my wallet. I do think it would be something to purchase once and use on your eyes 5 days a week for 2 years until you hit pan. I have been reaching more and more for my single shadows of late because as much as I love palettes, I feel I only normally use one or two shades from them anyway.


This month I was also introduced to Hair by Sam McKnight after it launched at Mecca. Besides from the packaging being amazing, the product lives up to the hype. I would recommend all the products but the two I have been using the most have been the Dry Shampoo and the Barely There Texture Mist. I have very soft hair that can lack texture so the texture mist does a great job without weighing my hair down.

What products have you fallen in love with over September? jasmine x

This post was not sponsored, all opinions are my own as always.



So here we are, mid way through September and I am only just writing my August journal.

That pretty much sums up August, busy.


August was full of professional highs for me. I was nominated for Creative Of The Year in Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year for 2018 (you can still vote for me here). My first reaction was pure excitement when I found out followed almost immediately by fear and doubt but this is the high section so let’s leave that for later. It’s funny, working for yourself and it just being you means you rarely take a moment to pat yourself on the back and feel proud of yourself so this was the perfect excuse to do so. I experimented with shooting wet face masks on magazines & even though after posting it, it didn’t perform super great I still freaking loved it. My Full Stop interview in Real Living Magazine came out and after being worried that I didn’t make it look cool enough, I was obsessed with how it turned out (classic, you’ll see a theme here). I went down to Sydney for the Nespresso Master Origin event and had the most amazing food and laughed my head off with the team until passed midnight. After not finding any new house to move into, we got approved for a periodic lease in our current house until we find somewhere which was really best case scenario. Magazines this month were particularly inspiring, especially HUNGER & The Gentlewoman. I also photographed & illustrated my collaboration with Love Stories Australia which is a stand out project from this year, I might touch on that more in September’s Journal though. How can I forget that I turned 26 too?! As I said, huge month. A notable mention has to go to my mum for her birthday gift to me. Quick back story, my mum always has had the best pantry & I have never lived up to it. So for my birthday she got me a Mum’s Pantry Starter Pack with everything I could ever need and more. She killed it and now I need a bigger pantry.



After cancelling my last External Hard drive order, I re-ordered one through apple but it still won’t arrive until the end of September so that saga continues.

But in other new arrivals:
- Country Road Judd Dinner Plates (shop here)
- Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation (shop here) After trying this out through August I actually really enjoy it, let me know if you want me to do a review in a monthly favourites or something
- Love Stories April Morning Fragrance. I got two samples and went through them so quickly that I knew I had to make the full size mine.


Water currents, white wash, air, dried flowers, tint, perspex, peaches, blush as eyeshadow, shooting through objects.


The professional highs brought along a few personal lows. Definitely probably took on too much through August & into September so it left me feeling pretty drained. I have really had to step back and say no to a lot more to compensate in September. I really have to make sure that I am working in a way that is sustainable long term to avoid burning out. I had a lot of self doubt in August, whether it was the award nomination, executing the work for Love Stories or even down to an interview, that needs to stop. We didn’t find that house that I thought we would this month, which isn’t a big low because we can stay here but I just thought it would have been sorted by now. The first attempt to shoot the editorial for Love Stories was a fail with it being the windiest day in Brisbane and it meant even with all of my i’s dotted and t’s crossed, I can’t control everything. I got an exciting email and then was ghosted. I burnt my hands too many times with my curler, probably due to being over tired and rushing.  


I can’t keep up at the pace that I went in August. I definitely will be adding to my goals for September to try slow down a little. I am 100% capable of executing whatever the hell I want to do. The self doubt got the best of me this month so hopefully the results of that doubt will make me realise that I am more than capable.


I really want to focus on getting my life in some sort of order again, to feel like I have some control back. Say no to more work, focus on the projects that are important to you. Try take a break from this house stuff. I figured out finding a place to live/work is like what I think modern dating would be like. You spend too much time flicking through options on apps, you are afraid to commit incase something more perfect comes along, you waste time inspecting the options in person only to be let down and you dread your friends and family asking how the latest option went because it didn’t go well. Get your tax return done. Make time to make a new artwork collection.

How was your August and how are you looking moving into September?

j x


Ever get to that time on Sunday when you realise you're not quite ready for the week ahead but have no idea what you've done for the last two days? I have built my own little weekend ritual that restores me from the week gone and prepares me for the week ahead. It doesn't have to take hours out of your weekend if you already have your calendar packed but these few little rituals make all the difference come Monday. 


First up, Seeking Inspiration.

Where & how do you normally fuel your creativity? Is it going on an adventure, reading a good book, listening to music? Do at least one of those across the weekend. My favourite way to seek inspiration is to sit in the winter sun, turn on some music and sit down with magazines to tear up & a cup of coffee. 

This weekend I have been testing out Nespresso's new Master Origin Range. This range explores the coffee craftsmanship of six countries to create truly unique, single origin coffees. For example India harnesses the power of the wet monsoon winds on India’s Malabar coasts to age the local Robusta beans. It has intense, slightly spicy notes & is best suited if you enjoy your coffee as an espresso or lungo. 

If you like something less intense with notes of wine & berries, you might prefer to try Colombia. It is less intense but evokes the taste of fruit & wine after being left on the branch much longer before roasting. This one is definitely a stand out for me from the range. I normally go towards coffees with notes of cereal so Colombia is different but a change I am very happy about. 



Build your own self care ritual. Put on your favourite candles or incense and do whatever makes you feel recovered and ready to take on a new week. Some things I love to do to take care of myself physically & mentally are: Write in a journal, do my favourite of my face masks & hair masks, Spring clean my wardrobe, go to the flower markets. But you could also do some meditation, do whatever exercise is your favourite, run a long bath or binge your favourite tv show and eat pizza. You do you. 


We all know that feeling of mania on a Monday morning when you have been avoiding responsibility all weekend. I try to avoid that feeling by just tackling a few little tasks before Monday rolls around again. For me, writing my to-do's for the week ahead, writing down any habits that I would like to stick to & organising my finances for the week ahead always helps. That way you can start your week fresh with clear intention. 

Do you have a weekend ritual and if so, let me know yours in the comments below!

This post was created in collaboration with Nespresso, jasmine x

TRIED & TESTED: New In Beauty



BARE MINERALS Complexion Rescue. I have been on and off testing this for over a month since it was crowned Face product of the year in the Mecca Beauty Election. So far, I love it. It reminds me of my go-to Clinique Even Better Glow foundation but slightly less coverage. It is in a mousse form so I feel like it more like a tinted moisturiser than liquid foundation which is sometimes nice for no make up days. It leave the skin with a glow and I honestly have no complaints.

ILIA Face Palette. To be honest, I have only been using this for a couple of weeks but the top left hand corner cream blush is my favourite. The depth of the rosy pink in the pan might scare you but it blends like a dream. I have been popping this on my cheeks and over my eye lids all week. 

HOURGLASS Caution Mascara. Caution in deed. When I first tried this product I don't think I was ready for it and it took me a few days to make it work for me. It definitely is volumizing while adding length and curl to my lashes while not smudging throughout the day. For me I think the trick was to not fully coat the brush before applying. I like to build up my lashes a little slower than the fully coated brush allows. If you like high-impact though, you'll love it.

MECCA COSMETICA Lip De-Luscious. This product has been one of my favourite releases from the last couple of months. It is their fan-favourite Lip De-Luscious in stick form. It is an amazing lip balm with a tint of colour to them. I will definitely be repurchasing the Nude shade once mine runs out. 


It has been a few months since I have touched base on the new products I have been testing out lately. So today I am going through some newbies that I have trying out in place of my all time favourites and letting you know how they stack up and if I will be repurchasing. 


TATCHA Water Cream. This is an expensive cream to love so if you don't have $99 to spend, don't even test it. It is so damn beautiful. It looks almost like a lightweight gel formula but once you put it on the skin it actually does feel like water without leaving the skin feel wet. I feel like if you like the Clinique Moisture Surge range you will like this but for nearly twice the price it may not be worth it. I feel like if I am wanting to treat myself, I would definitely re-purchase.  

TATCHA Pearl Tinted Eye Treatment. Again, with Tatcha it is going to set you back but it is pretty damn good. This is the love child of your under eye corrector and eye cream. It is a treatment so it leaves your under eyes feeling delightful but also corrects some of the darkness. On no makeup days I would use this as an under eye concealer but it doesn't have a whole lot of coverage. Sits at $70 but you honestly need the tiniest amount each use. 



BYREDO Velvet Haze. This scent was another winner from the Mecca Beauty Election and I can now see why. It has notes of patchouli, coconut and musk. Anything musk is a winner in my books and I am not mad after adding it to my collection. 

LOVE STORIES April Morning. Once again, musk, I just can't get enough. This scent smells a little deeper to me with notes of incense, sandal wood, wild flowers and a touch of pepper. As soon as I can get my hands on a full bottle, I will be purchasing. 

While these products have been gifted to me, I have no obligation to promote or talk favourably about any of the above. These are my own opinions as always. 

Join the conversation and let us beauty lovers know what products you've been loving lately in the comments. J x