May Journal



There was a lot of love in the air this month. My oldest friend got married early May which was the perfect excuse to get away to the hinterland for a long weekend. She was the most beautiful bride and it was so special to be there to see her get married to the man of her dreams. A high was definitely waking up, making coffee and sitting in the bay window. Bay windows never get old for me, my next home needs one for sure! Another high was definitely the novelty of eating pizza in bed with beer and watching Project Runway with Michael while wearing robes. Finding a wedding outfit that I loved in time was definitely a plus (ps. if you need ideas - here is a blog post on it) New packaging arrived and it all looked just how I imagined it, ready for the collection launch. New bedding, always a plus. Discovered how good the colour lilac is and proceeded to then see it everywhere!



As always there is a lot of self doubt & anxiety in the lead up to the collection launch. I put myself out there in the hope that others love it as much as I do and that’s probably too much pressure. The Australian election. The fujifilm snapshot disposable cameras being sold out in all of my local stores. Having to do groceries with a sore post-wedding head. I haven’t had much luck with online shopping lately which has led to many returns.

Newly added albums

I have been listening to a couple of new albums on repeat lately. Firstly, IGOR by Tyler the Creator. To be honest I have never listened to any of his music prior to this album but I am really enjoying it. My Favourites are I Think, Running Out Of Time & A Boy Is A Gun. Secondly, I Am Easy To Find from The National. Their previous album Trouble Will Find Me is one of my favourite albums of all time so I am always apprehensive to hear a new album from them. A female vocalist has been added in this album and it is a really beautiful touch. Easy to Find, Not In Kansas & Pull of You are some of my favourites however you can’t go wrong with the whole album. It doesn’t live up to Trouble Will Find Me but it is still pretty damn amazing.


Behind Launching a new collection..

I have been releasing prints of my artworks since 2013. It is something that I began doing from requests and a way that I could make some money on the side while I was at university. It is a process that started from one off lettering commissions, to just lettering collections to what it is today - a full expression of anything creative I want to explore. The process has also got a lot more complex and full on over the years. I started off just printing at a print shop down the road as each order came through, or hand illustrated each one depending on the collection. I shot them right there and then, uploaded to my big cartel at the time and I was done. I laugh to think I was probably still as stressed out at that as I am now. Now there is a lot more that goes into it. This collection took me 1-2 months just to conceive after I had my initial ideas. Then post shooting I go into self doubt overdrive with those thoughts of ‘omg this is shit, you are bad at this’ then a lot of adding and subtracting artworks until the collection looks cohesive and I can no longer stand to look at it. Then comes a couple of weeks of proofing and ordering all new packaging ready for the launch. Once I have approved & have the final proofs, I have to shoot them. Putting them on a plan wall doesn’t cut it anymore. This collection I did 3 days of shooting in different areas of my home so that I have a varied set of images to go live with. Then marketing. Instagram posts are the easiest but I am also creating Instagram Story Tiles, Website Updates, Email Newsletters etc. Once all that is done, I start prepping the packaging for launch. Writing Thank You Cards, putting stickers on the mailing tubes so that the launch can go as seamlessly as possible and orders can go out as quickly as possible. June 2nd She Bloomed By The Ocean went live and I am so so grateful to everyone who has shared, like or purchased a piece for their own. The income from these collections allow me to keep doing what I love everyday and I don’t forget that. You are the reason I get to do what I love. You can view the collection in full here.

With Love, Jasmine x

What To Wear To A Wedding

It is definitely wedding season and we are all stressed about what to wear. I haven’t been to a huge amount of weddings so when I had two in the space of a month I hit the freak-out button and starting looking up what I should wear. All of the ‘Wedding Guest Edits’ I could find didn’t really suit my personal style. A silky body conscious dress is beautiful but just isn’t me. Since it may not be you either, I thought I would write this blog post with ideas on what to wear to your next wedding.

Tips before you start shopping.

Have a look through your closet first. You may not need the whole nine yards. You may already have some nice heels or flats, or a bag that you really love that you have been waiting for an excuse to take out. You may already have an outfit but lacking accessories. You don’t need to buy all new. If you love an outfit, why not wear it again?!

Don’t be intimidated by ‘cocktail’ or ‘smart casual’ dress codes. Think about whose wedding you’re attending, what type of wedding they are having & where it is. If you’re going to their wedding you most likely know what they are like. Look up the venue and see if it is on the beach or a ballroom. As long as you’re not turning up to a ballroom venue looking like you’re going to a beach wedding you’ll be fine.

Willing to spend big for something special? Spend the majority of your budget on the thing that you will be able to wear again. If it is too late for you and you have already splurged, don’t forget you can always pass it onto someone else via eBay or Depop.

Don’t leave it to 2 weeks before the wedding. You will most likely buy things you will never wear again & overspend doing so. Planning is your friend.

Lastly, just keep your personal style in mind. It is easy to sometimes get carried away or just find something last minute that looks ‘dressy enough’. By keeping your personal style in mind you also can avoid buying something that you will only wear once.


Bank account friendly

You don’t need to spend a fortune to feel amazing attending a wedding. If you’re on a budget there is so much that you can do to get the most bang for your buck. For a dress, choose something in a classic shape & colour/pattern. Not only so you can wear it again post-wedding but the more classic the shape and colour the less likely it will look like you’ve got it for a steal. Once you have a base it is time to dress it up. My secret is in vintage bags. Not only are they normally priced under $50 but they are so beautiful and will instantly add interest and elevate your look. You can easily find beaded bags on Etsy or at your local vintage, or even a vintage glomesh bag would be divine. Match your metals with some statement earrings & a hair accessory. If you don’t have some staple black strappy heels, I found some for only $79!

Dress 1 $149 (shop here) / $99 Dress 2 (shop here) Vintage Bag $20-$40 (here & here) Earrings $39 (shop here) Heels $79 (shop here) Hair Tie $8 ( shop here)

BAGS: Vintage, Etsy, Charles & Keith
SHOES: Charles & Keith, ASOS, Jeffery Campbell
DRESS: ASOS, Mango, Zara, Seed, Country Road
JEWELLERY: Jolie & Deen.


Not a dress

I know, florals, groundbreaking but stay with me. Firstly, don’t forget about skirts & trousers for weddings. They are super versatile and can be worn for weddings in all seasons just by a switch of a top. In winter, lean towards a blouse or fitted knit (olivia palermo wedding style) or in summer stick to a silk cami. If the wedding is outside, you may want to think about a chunky heel or flat. Remember that weddings are usually a long affair full of standing and dancing so make sure you’re comfortable in your choice of footwear!

Knit $39 (shop here) Skirt $350 (shop here) Bag $199 (shop here) Headband $40 (shop here) Ivory Heels $79 (shop here) Green Flats $69 (shop here)

SKIRTS Lee Matthews, Zimmermann, Ulla Johnson, Camilla & Marc, Silk Laundry, Sir The Label, Mister Zimi & Anthropologie
TOPS & KNITS: Uniqlo, Bec & Bridge & Scanlan Theodore.


The Summer Wedding

It’s over 35 degrees and you really just want to wear a bikini but the invitation says Smart Casual so I guess that’s a no? If you’re anything like me you just want something that won’t touch your body but also won’t represent a moo moo. The summer maxi is your best friend. I love this option by Matteau because you can wear it all summer long post wedding but the cut and plain colour means you can also elevate it to wedding status. It is all in the accessories. It is time to whip out an interesting bag, earrings or shoes to jazz it up. Going big on the earrings? keep it subtle on the neck & vice versa.

Dress $460 (shop here) Earrings $355 (shop here) Gold Necklace $155 (shop here) White Bag $910 (shop here) Resin Clutch $149 (shop here) Heels $175 (shop here) *ps. I wore these to a wedding and were very comfortable on the first wear.

EASY SUMMER DRESSES: Faithfull The Label, Matteau, Matin, Beaufille, Lee Matthews, Rixo, Mister Zim & Steele.
BAGS: Brie Leon, By Far, Staud, Lucy Folk, Cult Gaia, The Daily Edited, Respiro
JEWELLERY: Kirstin Ash, Lucy Folk, Reliquia, Jasmin Sparrow, Holly Ryan, YCL Jewellery.


She’s Formal but she’s not boring

Where I would be really stumped is if I had a formal formal wedding coming up. I am not really one for traditional formal fabrics like silks etc so for me I would always go for a knife pleat. They instantly dress up a look without having to be shiny. If you have to go formal, inject some of your personality with the colour choice. Go a full monochromatic look or have some fun with mixing colours. Dresses from brands like Self Portrait hold their value pretty well so even though they are pricier, you will be able to sell it after!

Dress One $625 (shop here) Dress Two $350 (shop here) Earrings $182 (shop here) Heels $69 (shop here) Pink Bag $159 (shop here) Red Bag $300 (shop here)

DRESSES: Self Portrait, Fame & Partners, Shona Joy, Talulah, Thurley, Lover, Stine Goya, Cecilie Bahnsen or Zimmermann.
HAIR ACCESSORIES: Lelet NY, Pixie Bows, ASOS, Avenue The Label.
SHOES: Senso, Alias Mae, Miista, By Far

Shop the Wedding Edit

Lastly, if you have found something on your online/in store shopping travels that you think needs a shoutout - add it to the comments. The way I found something perfect is from my audience tagging me in a post so share the love when you find something beautiful or a brand which you think people need to check out!

with love, jasmine

April Journal


pushing through creative vulnerability.

Suddenly it was April, which meant I really had to put my foot down to focus on some personal creative work. For the last month I had been exploring ideas for the next range of photographic artworks and I was itching to actually bring it to life. With this came extreme vulnerability. Some of which brought me to a stand still, some woke me up in the middle of the night with panic but they still pushed me further.

Creating new collections always makes me feel a little self conscious. These have always been a way for me to explore my creativity and express it without a client in mind however they still are a revenue stream for me so it is sometimes hard to juggle.

As I write this I am finalising what will go to print and what won’t and I honestly can’t wait to share it.

The Highs

Not only did the League of Extraordinary Women go amazing but I also was involved with Alison Rice’s Offline live recording this month. You can listen to the episode wherever you listen to podcasts by searching ‘Offline The Podcast'. I went wild at Flower Lovers for the shoot and got so many beauties. We managed to shoot the collection concept despite the horrible weather. Spending the Easter long weekend with my family by the sea. Multiple public holidays which gave me an excuse to slow down a little. Spending a few hours in a rose garden with Michael on his day off. Started a very exciting product collaboration that will launch later this year. Some wonderful women/life savers on Instagram tagged & DM’d me the perfect skirt for weddings I have coming in May/June. All my clients paid on time this month - huge win.


What I learnt this month

You can’t please everyone. Some people will hate this collection and some people will think it’s their favourite. I can’t lose sight of why I create these collections. I create them to push myself creatively, to take myself out of my comfort zone & create artworks that I would love in my home. The other thing I learnt is watch how tightly you hold things to your chest. I think fear really took a hold this month and I held ideas, experiments and thoughts quite close to my chest. That left me feeling closed off and isolated from an audience that has always been so supportive.

The Lows

Self doubt. The weather the day of my collection shoot was rather difficult and meant we had limited shoot time between the wind/rain came. I got two green ant bites on the same foot while in the rose garden. Two public events in one weekend wiped this introvert out completely. I lost my Karen Walker’s off the edge of a boat.


I am working on my list of to-write blog posts so let me know in the comments if there are any topics/posts you would love to read

With love, Jasmine

Less is more beauty favourites


I am forever on the hunt for those make up products that you can pop on quickly to enhance your natural skin (and beauty!). Lately a few things have popped up in this arena that I have tested and I feel are worth talking about. So if your approach to make up is ‘less is more’ you might want to add these to your to try list.

First things first, SPF.

I will admit sunscreen and my face have not got along in the past but I have been determined this year to change that and find the right one for me. I bought the La Roche Posay Anti-Shine Dry Touch 50+ (shop here) a few months ago and never looked back. It pumps out like any other sunscreen but dries down really quickly on the face. There is also a tinted version if that is more your jam. I would recommend putting this on, and waiting 5-10 minutes though as I have found it can pill if you apply other moisturisers or foundations soon after.

Tinted Facial Oil.

The Kosas Tinted Facial Oil (shop here) a product that I was gifted & took a couple of applications to see if I liked it or not. Turns out, I love it. Does is feel like oil? No. Does is stay oily on my skin? No. How does it compare coverage wise to tinted moisturisers? I would find that it has more coverage than something like the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue and is buildable. However, I find the application works best after I have let my moisturiser & SPF sink in for a little while then applied it with my fingers (yes, fingers!). There are a few people I wouldn’t recommend this for; those who love to do a lot of skincare & primers prior to foundation & those with oily skin. I think this product is great for someone who really wants a simple base application.


Creams Creams Creams!

I am a broken record when it comes to cream face products, I just cannot get enough. I have been trying out some Lilah.b products (shop here) that I was gifted a month ago and the Lip & Cheek duo & their Glisten & Glow Illuminator are the stand outs for me. The Illuminator is a cream in the pot but feels almost like a soft powder when you apply it so it doesn’t leave that tacky feeling like some other creams. The Lip & Cheek duo is always a winner in my books as someone who rarely will bother with a lipstick. They have a great colour range and are small enough to pop into your purse. I also can’t ignore the packaging of these products, they are heavy, luxurious and unique - it’s a 12/10 from me.

Give me feathery brows.

I was in Mecca last year and one of the girls I was talking to said that the Surrat Brow Pomade (shop here) was the best and even though they were out of stock, she didn’t feel right selling me another gel. That sold me so I later ordered it online. I don’t think it is the gel itself that you need to write home about, it is the brush. It is like a thin toothbrush for your brows and I feel like that makes all the difference if you like that really feathery brow look.

If you have any less is more makeup products you swear by, please leave them below. Jasmine x

This post is not sponsored however some of the products mentioned have been gifted to me. All opinions are my own.

March Journal



Going away to the beach for my sister-in-law-to-be’s hens. It was one of those weekends that I got to be almost completely offline without feeling any internal pressure to ‘capture’ it - pure bliss. As I went to lay in the bed at the Airbnb, the window was perfectly aligned with a vision of the moon. It was the best way to go to sleep. Had the best gingerbread waffles at Little Boat Espresso which were topped with edible flowers so a win-win really. After complaining about there not being any storms all summer, autumn came and we got plenty of thunderstorms. I got all my client shoots done before deadline even though I stressed myself out about it so much that I lost sleep (note to self. don’t do that again) I pushed myself creatively for a client shoot and even though the images they selected weren’t from that pile I know it was still worth it and I will still share them next month. I managed to squeeze in a little time here and there to experiment for some personal photography. I am not there yet but I am closer than last month and that is good enough. By the end of the month I really felt like I was regaining a lot of my personal creativity after what felt like a draining month. There are a lot of butterflies around. The last morning of march was pure bliss. I woke up and it suddenly felt like the season had changed, the air was cooler and I could not have been happier about it.


It rained a lot in march which normally I wouldn’t be sad about but I also had back to back shoots booked in which meant my stress was pretty high over things I couldn’t control. I am aware that I come across as the goldilocks of weather. I have been ordering white dress after white dress and they are all see through, even lined dresses and fabrics/styles which you wouldn’t think would be. All been returned. This also means I have only bought 1 item of clothing and 1 swimsuit this whole year so far?! This month was the month of transition for Michael as he finished up at his old work and moved into his new position which meant he wasn’t home as much. I missed him.


Podcasts I’ve Been Listening To…

Now that I have no Michael to listen to I have been jumping more and more onto podcasts to get my daily fix of human sounds. Some of my favourites are: Glow Journal, Offline The Podcast (Stay tuned for my episode soon) How to Live (Alice Tran’s episode in particular) Shameless, Who The Hell Is Hamish?, The Pineapple Project, Under the Skin with Russell Brand & The High Low to name my favourites. I have been taking a little break from True Crime for the moment but I am sure I will get back into it soon.

Newly added albums

To be honest I am not sure how new these are but they are new to my Apply Music Library (sorry for the Spotify playlist people out there) I have been listening to Chiaroscuro - Ocean Alley on repeat, especially The Comedown. Beward of the Dogs - Stella Donnelly is also full of sass which I always enjoy. Other than that I have been going back and playing the Hottest 100s from different years. I kind of feel like my taste in music developed in 2008-2010 and then just stayed there. I would love to know if you feel like there was a time in your life that you feel like your taste in music developed and just stayed. I can probably say that the mix tapes that were released with each O.C season definitely influenced my taste.

Ahead for April

I am writing this in April so hello. The start of April looks pretty tough on my schedule so the plan is to really buckle down, focus and push through for the first two weeks. A lot of client work has deadlines Mid April but once that is done I am loosening up the schedule to prioritise personal work and development. April is also a big social month. Not only do I have two work events on the first weekend, we also have Easter & I have a weekend away for a friend’s hens. Getting my creative mojo back will be the focus for April.

What podcasts & music are you loving at the moment? Jasmine x