Less is more beauty favourites


I am forever on the hunt for those make up products that you can pop on quickly to enhance your natural skin (and beauty!). Lately a few things have popped up in this arena that I have tested and I feel are worth talking about. So if your approach to make up is ‘less is more’ you might want to add these to your to try list.

First things first, SPF.

I will admit sunscreen and my face have not got along in the past but I have been determined this year to change that and find the right one for me. I bought the La Roche Posay Anti-Shine Dry Touch 50+ (shop here) a few months ago and never looked back. It pumps out like any other sunscreen but dries down really quickly on the face. There is also a tinted version if that is more your jam. I would recommend putting this on, and waiting 5-10 minutes though as I have found it can pill if you apply other moisturisers or foundations soon after.

Tinted Facial Oil.

The Kosas Tinted Facial Oil (shop here) a product that I was gifted & took a couple of applications to see if I liked it or not. Turns out, I love it. Does is feel like oil? No. Does is stay oily on my skin? No. How does it compare coverage wise to tinted moisturisers? I would find that it has more coverage than something like the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue and is buildable. However, I find the application works best after I have let my moisturiser & SPF sink in for a little while then applied it with my fingers (yes, fingers!). There are a few people I wouldn’t recommend this for; those who love to do a lot of skincare & primers prior to foundation & those with oily skin. I think this product is great for someone who really wants a simple base application.


Creams Creams Creams!

I am a broken record when it comes to cream face products, I just cannot get enough. I have been trying out some Lilah.b products (shop here) that I was gifted a month ago and the Lip & Cheek duo & their Glisten & Glow Illuminator are the stand outs for me. The Illuminator is a cream in the pot but feels almost like a soft powder when you apply it so it doesn’t leave that tacky feeling like some other creams. The Lip & Cheek duo is always a winner in my books as someone who rarely will bother with a lipstick. They have a great colour range and are small enough to pop into your purse. I also can’t ignore the packaging of these products, they are heavy, luxurious and unique - it’s a 12/10 from me.

Give me feathery brows.

I was in Mecca last year and one of the girls I was talking to said that the Surrat Brow Pomade (shop here) was the best and even though they were out of stock, she didn’t feel right selling me another gel. That sold me so I later ordered it online. I don’t think it is the gel itself that you need to write home about, it is the brush. It is like a thin toothbrush for your brows and I feel like that makes all the difference if you like that really feathery brow look.

If you have any less is more makeup products you swear by, please leave them below. Jasmine x

This post is not sponsored however some of the products mentioned have been gifted to me. All opinions are my own.

NEW IN BEAUTY: September Review

Phone case is Daily Edited, Saucer is vintage & MIrror is Made Of Tomorrow

Phone case is Daily Edited, Saucer is vintage & MIrror is Made Of Tomorrow

You guys know the drill, out of everything I have been putting on my face/body & hair this past month or so these are the handful that I will be keeping in my life & I feel are worth the mention…


Let’s start with a new foundation. I was gifted the Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation late august. Usually with new foundations I put them on my skin maybe a few times and don’t reach for them again because they haven’t lived up to my Clinique Even Better Glow. Last month the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue earned its mention for a slightly lighter coverage for those days when you just want a tint. However, when I first put on the Clarins foundation it didn’t feel like either of my other favourites in texture. It is so thin that a little goes a long way and feels more like a thin serum to apply. The finish is slightly different where I would call it a satin finish rather than dewy or luminous like the other two. I think coming into the warmer months I might pull this out more often because my sweat will help me out with luminosity. If you like full coverage or even medium coverage, this isn’t one for you. Also I would recommend testing the shades and letting them dry down before picking a shade. It is nothing drastic but it is something to consider with this foundation.

Next up is a new liquid blush/bronzer/highlighter trio. This was an impulse purchase at my local Mecca (we all have those right?). I justified buying the Hourglass Illume Sheer Colour Trio because of all of my interstate travel I have been doing for work and needing something that had everything in one place. Firstly, this isn’t for all skin tones unfortunately. I think it would even struggle on most medium to deep tan skin tones if I am honest. But if you are lucky enough to be pale enough for this, it is a winner. They are probably the most blendable, easy to work with cream products I have used. They are impossible to make look muddy or streaky and even if you have never used cream products before I think you would apply these with ease Now for the colours. The bronzer is the perfect shade in my opinion. It isn’t too warm or too cool toned. The blush is pretty but it is very warm/peachy toned. I find when I put it on without foundation on it leans more peach and can wash me out a little. However, the combination of a lightweight foundation, the bronzer and blush is so natural and fresh looking. The highlighter shade isn’t my favourite but then again I am bias towards the Mecca Cosmetic Lit From Within Illuminating Balm.

glass is west elm & earrings are reliquia

glass is west elm & earrings are reliquia


Both products worth mentioning are in the singles category due to the fact that I have been having to pack a minimal makeup bag and let’s be honest, I am not over here doing a smoky halo eye with glitter detailing. First up is the new Nars single, duo and quad eye shadows / palettes. Yes they are pigmented, yes they blend well so what is all the fuss? They are magnetic. This may not seem exciting to anyone except me but the fact that I can switch out what I take in my quad or duo is super appealing to me. I had the Isolde Duo which is two shimmers so when I went down to Melbourne I popped out one shimmer and replaced it with shade Sophia so I has the perfect matte brown and golden shimmer.

Secondly, the single shadow Sylvie by Chantecaille has been one of my go-to shadows for the last month and a half. It isn’t too warm and blends beautifully. That being said, I was gifted this so the price tag didn’t hurt my wallet. I do think it would be something to purchase once and use on your eyes 5 days a week for 2 years until you hit pan. I have been reaching more and more for my single shadows of late because as much as I love palettes, I feel I only normally use one or two shades from them anyway.


This month I was also introduced to Hair by Sam McKnight after it launched at Mecca. Besides from the packaging being amazing, the product lives up to the hype. I would recommend all the products but the two I have been using the most have been the Dry Shampoo and the Barely There Texture Mist. I have very soft hair that can lack texture so the texture mist does a great job without weighing my hair down.

What products have you fallen in love with over September? jasmine x

This post was not sponsored, all opinions are my own as always.

TRIED & TESTED: New In Beauty



BARE MINERALS Complexion Rescue. I have been on and off testing this for over a month since it was crowned Face product of the year in the Mecca Beauty Election. So far, I love it. It reminds me of my go-to Clinique Even Better Glow foundation but slightly less coverage. It is in a mousse form so I feel like it more like a tinted moisturiser than liquid foundation which is sometimes nice for no make up days. It leave the skin with a glow and I honestly have no complaints.

ILIA Face Palette. To be honest, I have only been using this for a couple of weeks but the top left hand corner cream blush is my favourite. The depth of the rosy pink in the pan might scare you but it blends like a dream. I have been popping this on my cheeks and over my eye lids all week. 

HOURGLASS Caution Mascara. Caution in deed. When I first tried this product I don't think I was ready for it and it took me a few days to make it work for me. It definitely is volumizing while adding length and curl to my lashes while not smudging throughout the day. For me I think the trick was to not fully coat the brush before applying. I like to build up my lashes a little slower than the fully coated brush allows. If you like high-impact though, you'll love it.

MECCA COSMETICA Lip De-Luscious. This product has been one of my favourite releases from the last couple of months. It is their fan-favourite Lip De-Luscious in stick form. It is an amazing lip balm with a tint of colour to them. I will definitely be repurchasing the Nude shade once mine runs out. 


It has been a few months since I have touched base on the new products I have been testing out lately. So today I am going through some newbies that I have trying out in place of my all time favourites and letting you know how they stack up and if I will be repurchasing. 


TATCHA Water Cream. This is an expensive cream to love so if you don't have $99 to spend, don't even test it. It is so damn beautiful. It looks almost like a lightweight gel formula but once you put it on the skin it actually does feel like water without leaving the skin feel wet. I feel like if you like the Clinique Moisture Surge range you will like this but for nearly twice the price it may not be worth it. I feel like if I am wanting to treat myself, I would definitely re-purchase.  

TATCHA Pearl Tinted Eye Treatment. Again, with Tatcha it is going to set you back but it is pretty damn good. This is the love child of your under eye corrector and eye cream. It is a treatment so it leaves your under eyes feeling delightful but also corrects some of the darkness. On no makeup days I would use this as an under eye concealer but it doesn't have a whole lot of coverage. Sits at $70 but you honestly need the tiniest amount each use. 



BYREDO Velvet Haze. This scent was another winner from the Mecca Beauty Election and I can now see why. It has notes of patchouli, coconut and musk. Anything musk is a winner in my books and I am not mad after adding it to my collection. 

LOVE STORIES April Morning. Once again, musk, I just can't get enough. This scent smells a little deeper to me with notes of incense, sandal wood, wild flowers and a touch of pepper. As soon as I can get my hands on a full bottle, I will be purchasing. 

While these products have been gifted to me, I have no obligation to promote or talk favourably about any of the above. These are my own opinions as always. 

Join the conversation and let us beauty lovers know what products you've been loving lately in the comments. J x




I am back to gather my beauty favourites from the last month or so and let you know what is standing out amongst the chaotic collection of products on my vanity. 

Let's start with Skin.

Highlights definitely for the month start with one of my new favourites, Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. Whenever Clinique comes up, this is always a crowd favourite but for some reason I only tried it for the first time in the last month. If you want a cleanser that takes all your make-up off without any troubles or stripping your skin - this is one you might enjoy. Especially in winter I think this will be a keeper because it is super gentle on dry skin.  

Honourable mentions also need to go to the Go-To Skin Transformazing Sheet Masks - These are great for a quick hit of hydration and lots of serum in the packet to use on your décolletage and neck which is a bonus. Also for dry hands in the winter I have been loving the Lush Cosmetics Cuticle Butter!


In order of application let's start with the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Concealer, it is high coverage but doesn't feel heavy. I don't like a concealer to be too matte as I use a luminous foundation so this has the perfect balance between luminous but not slippery or greasy looking. It claims to wear well for 24 hours but to be honest, I am not one to wear makeup for that long to try it out. 

For the next product I have to disclaim that I have only been using this the last 3 days but I already am so damn obsessed. I know I have said this thousands of times but I don't like my base to look matte. But my problem always was that I wanted to still set my skin in place. If you have the same problem I would suggest giving the new Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder a go. It sets your base in place without leaving a white cast, or drying out the skin. The matching brush is beautiful and soft but not necessary unless you're wanting to treat yo' self. 

If you saw my stories around a month ago trying the Mecca Max Banana Bake Skin Powder you know this product is basically magic for under eye bags. It pretty much eliminates any shadow or darkness under the eye and completely brightens the area. Use lightly to avoid any heaviness under the eye though. 

Now I can't talk about the last month of makeup without discussing the NARS x ERDEM collection. No doubt, the packaging is the star of the show but there are also a few gems that will be making an impression on my makeup vanity. The blush in Loves Me Not is so beautiful on fair skin because it isn't too vibrant but also because it carries a slight luminosity to it. The shade Loves Me if you have a tan or deep skin tone though. Then there is the Lip Shadow Palette... Is it the quickest, easiest thing to apply? no but the colours and effect it creates makes it worth it. You can not only mix to create your desired shade but it leaves a soft, matte finish on the lips. If you're not into a matte lip or are time poor when it comes to doing your make up though this may not be the product for you. 

If you are someone who loves a matte lip but needs something quick and easy to apply I would suggest trying out the Powermatte Lip Pigments by NARS. They are super comfortable and opaque on the first swipe. I personally am loving the shade Hot Blooded for a terracotta red lip.  



A quick reminder that I am not a makeup/skin expert I am just a lucky girl who gets sent a lot of things to try and want to share my thoughts with you guys. Let me know if you have tried any of the products above or what your favourites are at the moment. Love always, jasmine x

This blog post was not sponsored and all opinions (as always) are my own. 






After using the products for the last 4 weeks and many requests to let you know what I think I thought I would give you my feedback.

These products are undeniably aesthetically pleasing, but that isn't where this brand stops impressing. The ingredients are all natural and easy to understand. 

To be very honest, I really did enjoy all of their products. Their Pink Cloud Moisturiser is absorbed into the skin really quickly and leaves the skin feeling plump so if you're still searching for your go-to moisturiser this might be the one for you. Personally I think I have been swayed over to gel moisturisers like the Clinique Moisture Surge but this definitely comes close! 

The real stand out products in my eyes are the Lapis Facial Oil, Blue Tansy Mask & Moon Fruit treatment. If you're looking to give this brand a go I truly think any of these three won't disappoint. 

The Lapis Oil (shop here) & Blue Tansy Mask (shop here) include the Blue Tansy Oil that is said to help reduce redness, soothe irritations and clarify the skin. To be honest the mix these two products is heaven. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated without feeling oily (even after the oil!). If you are giving these a go for the first time I would suggest trialing it with this set.

Now let's talk about the product they call Moon Fruit (shop here). This is a night treatment that you can put on before bed without feeling like it's going to get all over your pillow/hair/lover. It is full of fruit anzymes, AHA (I've been told to look for skin care with these, Hyaluronic Acid and both Kokum and Shea Butters.

As much as I could recommend you trying out all of their skin products, I am going to stop with my 3 must-trys. Next up I am going to order some of their other masks to try. 


Have you given Herbivore Botanicals a try? And if so what are your personal favourites?

jasmine x 

ps. This content is not sponsored, and even if it was I would tell you what is up.