I bought this dress months ago and it instantly ticked all the summer dress boxes:
~ doesn't touch my body
~ a lightweight & breathable fabric (100% Silk was a huge tick on this)
~ damn cute fabric.

One day in particular I put the dress on and for some reason didn't want to wear a high neck so I flipped it backwards to have the keyhole back at the front. As much as I would love to wear it this way over a bikini, it was a little revealing with just a bralette, so I popped a white tee on under and I was good to go. Ever since I have been getting twice the wear out of this dress and it has got me thinking differently about the rest of my waredrobe. 





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Karen Walker Harvest Frames
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Assembly Label Everyday Tee
One size down for a more fitted look.

Jasmin Sparrow Bangle via Maker's Mrkt


Now I should probably introduce you to my newest bag addition by the brand Staud. It is my terracotta pot in a hanging rope macrame/fishing net dream come true. I have been searching for the perfect tan leather bag with cream stitching for the last year and this just hit the nail on the head. I am beyond obsessed and it is worth all of dad jokes it gets. 

I know I haven't done a style post here in a while so let me know what you think. I only really enjoy posting them when they are outfits I am repeating like crazy with items I truly love to death. 

jasmine x