Shot by Michael Hughes

Wearing Kowtow Tee (gifted)Emerson Thorpe Pants / Cult Gaia Bag / Karen Walker Sunglasses

I was first drawn to yellow amongst the craziness which is a Zara clothing rack back in March. The colour made me happy and I thought it made me look like a banana so I bought it. Since that yellow knit, I bought a yellow pleated skirt later in April and added this tee to my wardrobe just last week. Since march I have been starting to notice yellow everywhere, even Man Repeller has declared that it will be taking over millennial pinks position. All I can say is 'Why can't we have both?' in the girl's voice from the Old El Paso ads. 


Sometimes I do feel as though my yellow pieces are a little more difficult to wear. I normally try to pair it with neutral tones like beige, white or grey. Blue denim & yellow is always good pair but I can't seem to shake the feeling that I look like the cartoon Arthur. So I thought in today's post I would list why you should be adding some yellow to your wardrobe and how. 


1. You can't be in a bad mood while wearing Yellow.
2. You are guaranteed to make someone else smile.
I have a 100% compliment rate when wearing yellow. 
3. It doesn't matter if you spell mustard on yourself. 


1. T-Shirts are the easiest way to try something new in your wardrobe. They are in-expensive and easy to mix in with your already existing pieces.
2. Go the accessories route. Yellow tinted frames are everywhere at the moment but you could try something else like bags or sandals for your pop of colour. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a lot of colour this is the route for you.
3. If you are feeling daring pick up some outwear but I wouldn't recommend investing in an expensive piece as you may not get the wear out of it to make it worth it. 
4. Skirts / Pants. Make sure they are in a cut or style that you know you love so you get the wear out of them. I went for a pleated midi because, well, I love pleated minis. 
5. Go crazy and mix a yellow top and yellow bottom. I wasn't feeling as conscious as normal so I did it one day to Woolworths. I felt like the sun. Just make sure they are the same toned yellow.