It is officially Summer down under and even though I drink iced lattes & ICED AMERICANOS all year
round they are essential in the heat of summer. 


I feel like people try to over complicate the iced latte/americano and the truth is they are almost as easy to make as your usual winter coffee order. With that said, I thought it was about time that I put my super easy recipe in writing. I make my everyday coffee with my Nespresso Essenza Mini so my iced latte/americano is no different. However, I have fallen in love with using the new Leggero on Ice & Intenso on Ice over the last month which have been created just for iced latte & iced americano drinkers (hello, that's me). This range makes your iced coffee even simpler to achieve. As you may have guessed by the name, Intenso is more of a bold flavour with more cocoa notes while Leggero has a slightly fruity flavour.

VideoToGif_GIF 2.GIF

Along with the new coffees, they have released an ice cube tray and a travel mug
(ps. their travel mugs are the best in the business for keeping your drinks super cold or warm!). 


I'd love to know below if you're also a huge iced latte/ iced americano drinker like me! 

jasmine x

This post was created in collaboration with Nespresso. Please be sure to recycle your capsules after use. To find your nearest recycling point or Post back your capsules visit their website