This post was created in collaboration with Nespresso. 

Earlier this year I went to a class with Nespresso because let's be honest, my coffee knowledge was non-existent. As long as it wakes me up and tastes good, what else is to know? I was proven wrong. 

We started the tasting portion of the morning and they had all of my attention at the words 'coffee tasting'. We first started with an espresso in one of the Pure Espresso Cups. Then the coffee expert brought out these glasses that made me think we were about to have some red wine. They were instead the Reveal Espresso glasses designed specifically with different intensity coffees in mind. As he poured the same coffee as previously tasted in the espresso cup he said that we would notice a difference in taste between the two tastings. 

To be very honest I was super skeptical, but after the first sip I knew some sort of magic had taken place. Here I was tasting a espresso at intensity 10, which was so smooth and didn't make me secretly want to put a little milk in it. I walked out with a set and now every time a latte drinker is over, I make them try an espresso out of these glasses. Even for the most stubborn latte drinker, they are converted. 

If you're coffee of choice isn't usually a intensity 7 or above, the Reveal Range also has Mild & Lungo options. The shape is designed to perfectly to match the intensity of the coffee, giving you the best experience when tasting. 

Reveal Espresso Intense - For intensity 7 & Higher (My Current favourite is the Milano)
Reveal Espresso Mild - For intensity 6 & Below (My pick would be the Rosabaya De Colombia)
Reveal Lungo - For a longer pour (My favourite Lungo coffee would be the Vivalto)

From one coffee lover to another, if you normally don't enjoy the taste of espressos, you must give these glasses a try.  

jasmine x