Just incase you wondered what I was working on 12 hours a day before I headed to Japan.. here it is! 


Wallflower No.1 Available in A3


Wallflower No.2 Available in A3


Lemon Tree Available in A3 & A4


The Little Things Available in A3 & A4


Peachy Available in A3 & A4




Sh*t To Think About Card Set of 10

At the start of last year I created a blog post titled 'Shit To Think About'. It was a list of questions that I wanted to continually ask myself throughout the year to keep me on track. This year I designed 20 Cards (10 Double Sided) that do just that. They allow you to stop and think, ask yourself some tough questions in order to keep yourself on track with what you want & how you feel.

The perfect card set to kick your butt into the new year.  


Essential Notepad 50 Page A5 Notepad

After working for myself for the last 4 years,  I have tried everything when it comes to getting organised. The only thing that stuck was that I was constantly writing lists on odd pieces of paper, doodling on it, sticking tracking numbers to it. So that's where the Essential Notepad was born. It is A5 in size, includes room to play, room to organise and customise it to suit you. You can use dot points or even time stamp each item. Title it by Day, Date or Meeting - it is up to you. Then say you have notes you need to take with you, or notes for tomorrow from today.. There is a perforated section at the bottom that you can take with you or write on tomorrows page without leaving todays. 


Self Love Notes Card Set of 7

I actually started to design a set of Love Notes when I thought sometimes we can easily share our love with others while forgetting to give ourselves constant love. So now I introduce Self Love Notes. This pack of 7 cards has a note from me on one side, and blank on the other for you to write your own. Assign one to each day of the week, put them on your bedside table or vanity or frame your favourite for a constant reminder to stop being so damn hard on yourself. 

The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

You can Pre-order for Christmas Delivery shipping from Dec 4. 

I had so much fun creating these new products in time for Christmas, I hope you all love them as much as I do. 

jasmine x