Where the hell do I even start?! First of all I look at what I own in each category of clothing (coats, tees, bottoms etc) on the clothing rack(s). Then I take anything off the rack that I find uncomfortable or not 100% myself in because I know I won't reach for those items & will stay in my suitcase. I then have a look at the colours in my wardrobe. If you are a monochromatic lover than you are good to go but since I love a bit of colour and I am going to Japan I wanted to keep some fun colour in this time around. I instead looked at tones that went well together and could still be paired back with Black & White. So I noticed a little (a lot) of pink (duh), and some yellow. I didn't want to have yellow as a main colour so I will ditching the knit featured above and stick to just the skirt. A couple of weeks back I found this coat from Topshop and knew the colour was perfect straight away. The brown is the perfect addition to the pink & yellow and will also bring some warmth into my black & white outfits.

It was then a matter of culling in each section down so that I wasn't taking too many similar items. For example: two black slouchy knits or a pink cardi and a pink coat. This is where the below really helped me figure out how much of each category I needed and in what styles.  The biggest lesson I learnt from Europe, was pay attention to comfy footwear and I was certain not to repeat my same mistakes.

Then comes the luggage.. I like to keep this as simple as possible especially when I will be taking trains between towns/countries. I keep myself to a one suitcase limit. Then my main priority is the weight of the bag and its ease of use. As my Samsonite has never let me down, I am taking my Lite-Cube 76cm which weighs just over 3kgs. That means more clothes for me!



Outerwear is probably my favourite category of clothing but also the category I get to wear the least of in Queensland. So I am packing, my Nanna's vintage blazer, my Acne Studios leather jacket and my trusty Max & Co pink mohair coat (similar here).




For knits it is great to try bring a variety with different fits. I always take more fitted knits so that I can wear them under my outerwear but I also like to take an oversized knit which I can layer. 




I live in tees so that is what I am sticking to this time around. A graphic tee, A long sleeve tee and your favourite classic tee. My all time favourite classic tee is the Everyday Tee by Assembly Label, it cannot be beaten in my opinion.




With any of these categories you need to take one classic item. Then you can have a little more room to move and choose a coloured item (from your colour scheme) or printed item. Or just 3 classics if that is more your jam, who am I to tell you what to do?




I am not a pants girl but when you're going somewhere cold I have to convert. Jeans - a must. Next on my list is a comfort level 100 trouser, then these polka dot bad boys because they don't need an excuse and a wide leg pair that will fit 2 pairs of thermals underneath. 





Honestly I don't do dresses a lot when I am travelling because they often don't have too many styling options when you compare them to tops/bottoms. A slip dress is a must though as it is the easiest piece to layer. Then I always throw in my favourite dress just incase. 



Shoes. I am probably with 5% of the population who isn't crazy about shoes. But I learnt from Europe that you have to get the shoes right. Since it is fall I found myself some super soft and comfy white leather sneakers and some cloud-like nikes to get me through. Your favourite boot is also a must. 




When travelling I try to keep my bags small. It stops me putting non-necessary items and giving myself a sore neck/shoulder for no reason. I take my everyday Givenchy Pandora Box bag because it's the perfect size for the essentials and I can wear it cross body without the worry of it hurting my shoulder or constantly annoying me. I guess some people would worry about your designer bag being ruined with constant wear and travel but to me a bag is there to be worn and enjoyed so even though it doesn't look like I just bought it I still love it just as much. Then I needed a bigger bag option for the plane etc because I won't be taking a carry-on suitcase. So I whipped out my Max & Co blush leather backpack which isn't too small or too big and fits everything I need in it for the flight. Next up is a scarf. Scarfs are the best way to add some colour to your outfit so I chose pink (duh) This one was a steal off ASOS (Link Below).



Last step in the packing process is to get your packing rack ready then try everything on like you're the computer in Clueless.
Take reference photos so when you can't work out what you want to wear you have 300 selfies to help you out. 


Hope you all enjoy this monster of a blog post and found it somewhat useful when you're packing for your next trip. I am currently working on Part two - Skin & Beauty to share with you what I am taking with me. A look into my absolute favourites. 


jasmine x